Tuesday, 26 July 2011

The Word of the Week - The Woman

If I had one wish, it would be that the world respects the sacrifices of a good woman!  My heart breaks sometimes at the thought of the struggles women have to go through.  These are the selfless mothers, who take care of their children, providing the best that they can without the support of their men; for the Grandmothers, who worry about their children incessantly but provide unending support to them determinedly; for the sisters who provide the much needed shoulder to cry upon, for without the love of my sisterhood, I would not be the sister that I am today.

The woman is the strength, the unseen foundation from which the family structure is built upon.  She is the unappreciated vessel through which life is brought forth; she is burden the bearer of pain each month when her womb moves in accordance with the cycles of the moon.  She is the reflection of Mother Nature but look how this world is trying to destroy her.

The woman is in the vanguard of life and needs to be appreciated as the unsung SHEroe of our time!

In the words of the author Maya Angelou from her much loved poem “Phenomenal Woman,” I leave you with this excerpt that sums up all that I am and all of that YOU are as the females of the nation:

Now you understand
Just why my head's not bowed.
I don't shout or jump about
Or have to talk real  loud.
When you see me passing
It ought to make you proud.
I say,
It's in the click of my heels,
The bend of my hair,
the palm of my hand,
The need of my care,
'Cause I'm a woman
Phenomenal woman,
That's me. 

Peace and much appreciation to all of MY SHEroe’s!

Friday, 15 July 2011

The Word of the Week - Praise for YOU!!!

Everyone needs a pick me up now and then.  To be told that they are loved, are special and most of all appreciated.  Sometimes when this is lacking from those close to you, it is somewhat difficult to try and say these things to yourself with credibility, as you generally disbelieve the positive things you say about yourself, preferring to hold onto the negative.  So today, in light of this, I feel I will be that person to tell you how wonderful you are!

When you look in the mirror, do you see what I see?  I see a soul that is a reflection of me; I see love, warmth, compassion, selflessness, beauty and vigour.  You are a divine being who possesses a deep sense of knowing, one who is creative and inspired by all that they see.  You are stronger than you could have ever imagined, for you have overcome many obstacles in your life which at the time you felt it was too much to bear, but somehow you just did.  You are a survivor; a beautiful creative force to be reckoned with.

Be all that you can imagine and live the life that you were destined, feed and nurture your soul with love of self.  For what you give unto yourself you actually give to others.

You are special and you are loved, so when you look into the mirror today feel the appreciation that I have for you; as you are the most magnificent creation, that is definitely worthy of praise.

Have a wonderful weekend

©2011 Carol Muhammad

Friday, 8 July 2011

The Word of the Week - Unconditional Love

What do you see when you stare back at your reflection?  Do you see a beautiful human being, created in the perfection of an unconditional love that you too also possess? Do you believe in your heart of hearts that the love that you have for yourself should be a reflection of the mate you have chosen to walk with in this life?
Love and relationships give us the most challenging experiences that allow us to grow into the persons that we are today.  Sometimes you will find that people are brought into your life so that you can learn a lesson, so that your soul grows exponentially in recognising what love means to you.  Relationships are discerned as a reason, season or a lifetime and it is the self-analysis, as well as the internal dialogue that we have with ourselves, that determines which of those relationships fall into those categories.

When you have a deep sense of love for yourself you take time to nourish your inner being, for example, learning to speak highly about yourself and not succumbing to the negatives that we so readily express, which depletes rather than feeds the soul. You learn to recognise that you are deserving and worthy of receiving a love that meets all your expectations, but you simply cannot be satisfied with a love that is not a reflection of yourself.  The more you love yourself unconditionally, the greater the attraction of a love to you that meets your criteria.  Sometimes relationships are given to us so that we learn this very experience, though if we choose to ignore the lesson, you will be forced to repeat your actions and live with your own dissatisfaction until you do!

To love unconditionally means to accept both the “good” and the “bad” that you see in yourself, (I have inverted these words as I do try to minimise the use of our attachment to labels), it means to forgive and not hold onto anger.  However I have to be clear that unconditional love does not mean to accept a dysfunctional or abusive relationship, nor a relationship that does not allow you to shine as the star that you are destined to become.

To love, is one of the greatest gifts at our disposal that will change the world, but this love must start, and I phrase the late Michael Jackson, “with the man in the mirror!”

Have a loving weekend.

©2011 Carol Muhammad

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

The Word of The Week - Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway

I have to admit I never read this book by Susan Jeffers but I just love the title “Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway!”.  The language is emotive, expressive and action orientated. For me, it is a courageous suggestion that anything you desire is possible even if it results in perceived failure! This led me to research a few quotes about failure and to ask myself pertinent questions about my own attitude towards it. 

Let’s face it, we have all encountered outcomes that were less than desirable in our lives and we can either wallow in self-pity, or turn a negative into a positive and move on regardless.
We can analyse our life and say we may have failed at relationships, failed in raising our children, failed regarding promises we make to ourselves, the list could be endless; as it is far easier to catalogue how far we fall than to recognise the amount of wisdom we gain because of a fall!
What is a few minutes of embarrassment at an attempt to do something rather than a lifetime of bemoaning “if only”?  It takes courage to face your fears and equally takes courage to enact your dreams.

“You will face many defeats in your life, but never let yourself be defeated”
Maya Angelou

“Fear of failure must never be a reason not to try something”
Frederick Smith

“No man is a failure who is enjoying life!”
William Feather

The last one by far is my favourite.  So just for today, turn your perceived failures into a success by taking a leap of faith and absolutely “FEELING THE FEAR AND DOING IT ANYWAY!”

Peace and blessings
©2011 Carol Muhammad

Thursday, 30 June 2011

The Word of the Week- Expect a Miracle

 If you do not expect your miracle how will it ever materialise?  If you do not feed your dreams, how will they manifest?  Each and every day I imagine, I fantasize as it were upon a situation that has yet to happen but I have absolute faith that it will!  For example, I may picture myself at the airport, waiting in the executive lounge sipping champagne waiting to board a first class flight to the Maldives.  I imagine what I am wearing, who I see and the excitement I feel when they call my boarding card. Sometimes I just stay on the plane imagining what I am doing and not even reach the destination, this I might leave until another time during the day to pick up where I left off.

The purpose of this exercise is to open the good feeling vibration that links you to the universal energy.  When you imagine in the present tense you open the door to creation; a wonderful quote by Albert Einstein sums this up perfectly:

“Imagination is more important than knowledge.
For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand,
while imagination embraces the entire world,
and all there ever will be to know and understand.”
As adults we hardly take time to imagine because we are so consumed either thinking of the past or running ahead to the future.  Give yourself the opportunity to literally reach for the stars by using that great muscle in your head!  Then add a good dose of gratitude for what you do have and you will be utterly surprised how powerful this exercise brings to you even more than what you could have possibly imagined.

The only difficulty you encounter with this kind of thought is that it is very simplistic, we are taught to believe that hard work and sacrifice are the tools to which bring us what we desire, well, no-one who absolutely loves their work actually works hard because it is a joy to them.  Therefore imagining many experiences is a way of creating that energy of joy.

Just for today - IMAGINE!

©2011Carol Muhammad

Thursday, 23 June 2011

The Word of the Week - Peace

In a culture that expects you to keep “doing” all of the time; where guilt keeps you from taking that well-earned break and the premise that you have to work so very hard to get anywhere in life, are views that  hold you hostage from acquiring a greater sense of peace.
Peace, "what’s that,” you may ask? Even I have missed being in a place of peace as I became so overwhelmed with my life.  However, I had to go back to my early teachings on this path, back to the basics and started to meditate!  I started to question the validity of my angry flare ups, my stresses and talk to myself in such a way that I  calmed down and felt centred.  I had no choice but to take such actions because your body has a way of giving you very clear messages that your current behaviours are not good for you and you need to back off, otherwise it will manifest into the physical and you become ill!
Sometimes we can be so hard headed that instead of being preventative we end up being reactive and  with any change to be successful you have to break your old habits, which can only happen with constant practice.

Ask yourself the question are you in a peaceful place in your life? 
Sometimes we end up searching everywhere but ourselves for answers to the questions that we seek, but in all honesty you are equipped to deal with so much more if you would trust and listen to your guidance within.

So just for today, take a few minutes out of your “busy” schedule and communicate with the innermost part of you, shut your mind down and follow your breath.  For when you concentrate on your breathing and close your eyes, you allow yourself to connect with the present moment, which reminds us that it IS indeed a GIFT!
Wishing you all Peace!
 ©2011Carol Muhammad

Friday, 17 June 2011

Word of the Week - Inner Guidance

Are you happy?  Do you wake up each morning excited to see a new day?  Do you smile at the thought of your partner and glow with the feelings of love?  Are you passionate about anything in your life right now?

Why do I ask? Well these are questions that you can ask yourself on a regular basis, to give you an indication of your vibrational levels; it also determines whether your energies are open to receiving your wants or are closed leaving you still wanting!
Let’s face it, you are not going to be in the up mode ALL of the time but you can at least ensure that you are most of the time, by making sure you check in with yourself regularly and take time to focus upon your desires on a daily basis.

Whatever you imagine you will create only if you listen to your inner guidance and follow it trustingly and without hesitation.  If something is out of kilter in your life ask yourself why, then focus upon what it is that you desire rather than more of what you don’t want.  I have to say this to myself over and over again, because I too fall into the trap of bemoaning about what I really dislike in life always forgetting that the more I talk about what I don’t want, the more I attract it to myself!  Why on earth such a simple concept is so difficult to execute?

So repetition is a vital ingredient in order to change a habit of a lifetime.  Most of us desire a lot of the same things, a wonderful deep meaningful love relationship that allows you to shine and flourish, finances to meet all our needs and then some.  A secure home, good health and fantastic holidays!

The only reason for the delay in the manifestation of our desires is that we resolutely refuse to listen to the voice within.
So today, have a good conversation with yourself and learn to ask for guidance from the inner part of you that unreservedly desires the absolute BEST for you.

Have a talkative weekend!

Friday, 3 June 2011

The Word of the Week - A Healthy Dose of Nothing!

Sometimes we need a little push as an excuse to take a some time for ourselves.  We get so caught up in the vicissitudes of life, constantly doing, that we actually forget to just be!  We make all kinds of excuses to keep pushing forward, to worry persistently and ignoring our bodies calls for rest!

When we do not listen to the subtle and sometimes quite loud shouts that our bodies try to communicate to us, we ultimately end up paying for this transgression with a bout of illness or pain!  I don’t know how many times I am to learn this lesson over and over again, but with practice I am sure I will get it right and you will too J!

Today I will be the unseen force that will give you the excuse to do absolutely nothing and just rest your body, at least for one day this weekend. Have some well-deserved ME time; a relaxing bath maybe, read a book, lounge in your armchair, paint your nails, go for a walk; anything that makes you totally switch off from everything allowing you to enjoy the MOMENT!

Whatever you do this weekend, take some much needed time for yourself, because you really do deserve it!

Have a relaxing weekend.

Friday, 27 May 2011

The Word of the Week - It's the Little Things........

I am living proof of how appreciating what you do have in your life, enables you to focus more upon joy!  I can definitely say, that to become what I am today, did not happen overnight, it took years of being moulded and fashioned by my own personal experiences, my heartaches, my tears, my marriage, my divorce, my children, my family and many other situations too vast to mention!

Learning from an experience and figuring out that you get to choose how you wish to feel every second of the day, has helped me have a more positive outlook on life, enjoy my children and absolutely adore the life that I am living! 
Yes I desire more, I have a huge vat full of wants, who doesn’t; in the meantime though I positively love what I do have.  I love that my children entertain me daily with how they interact with each other, especially when they all gang up on me and I am the target of their jokes and amusement.  I love that my daughter still wants to cuddle up with me and climbs into my bed, smothering my face with kisses.  I love that I have a home, a job, great friends and family. 

Why waste energy focusing upon that which you do not have at the moment?   Appreciate those wonderful little things that you have in your life, especially the ones you take for granted, for it will be these things that we will reflect upon as we grow older. 

So today, I humbly ask, that you reflect upon  what you have right here and now;  be grateful for everything and trust that when you cultivate this feeling, you lift your vibration higher and allows you to be more open to receive your desires.

Have a thoughtful weekend!

©2011Carol Muhammad

Friday, 20 May 2011

Word of the Week - Trying to harness that good feeling

For a number of years, I have been the ultimate work in progress trying to harness the power of cosmic ordering, the law of attraction and focusing upon my desires rather than my worries!  I have had successes and failures applying various methods and I was still searching for consistency in applying a method that works all of the time.

However, I have now realised that there is not just one method that you can use to maintain a feeling of positive vibration; I have learned that applying some or all of the tools that I have acquired over the years enable you to shift your focus upon a more constant basis that  yields better results.

On this journey, the use of trial and error has been the greatest of teachers, furthermore, I can finally say that I am in a place where I appreciate and am able to see so much good in my life irrespective of my circumstances.  I smile  just for the sake of it, and get a warm feeling in my gut, almost like butterflies.  This lets me know that I am in a good vibration.  I can sometimes think of silly things my children have done that have me in stitches and allows me to keep the good feeling going.  Or I can think of a joke my colleague told me that makes me literally laugh out loud. When I am in this space, I start to think of all the wonderful things I would like to attract in my life and I truly believe that they will happen. The big question is, does it work for me?  Well I will only find out as I maintain this level of consistency, however I must be doing something right if I am laughing and smiling everyday!

What is the point of constantly feeling bad especially about a situation that you have no idea how to change?  Isn’t there enough gloom in the world without adding your woes to the mix?

So today, make a concerted effort and SMILE, a big fat cheesy grin, just for the heck of it and let your energies soar, for you were put on this earth not to fail but to be successful in life!

Have a Happy day!


Saturday, 14 May 2011

Word of the Week - Life is for Living....So Live it!

Life is for living….so live it!!!

No-one knows better than me that you can sometimes get so caught up in your predicament that you actually forget to live!  We know there is a global crisis, we feel the pinch daily of rising fuel and food prices.  Money is earmarked for necessities, not for pleasure and the media just keep feeding us discouraging news; is it any wonder we bother to get up out of bed!!

So how many of you are pursuing your dreams, if you are, well done and good for you; if not what are waiting for?  Oh wait, let me guess, more money, more time, better health, too old, too scared, not worthy?  Making excuses gets you what….exactly, nothing!  Your dreams are put on hold; your life is a series of automated routines of grey with an odd burst of sunshine now and then.

That is not living, that is even less than existing.  You weren't put on this earth NOT to pursue your dreams, but to imagine and create the greatest and grandest vision of yourself.  Do you believe that this vision of yourself is only for the chosen few? No it is definitely for you and most certainly out there for me too!

So today, do SOMETHING; anything that takes you at least one step closer to that brilliant grand vision, do something that you really enjoy and put 100% effort into it.  If YOU can’t take the time to smile and do the things that you enjoy, just who do you think will?

Have an inspiring day 

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

It's been a while

Yes it has been a while since I have posted a blog, been busy I guess, dealing with the dailies of life as well as juggling work, children, teenage angst and focusing on pursuing my dreams.

Today is about focusing upon only what I want and I can assure you my list of wants is very very long!  I always remember the definition of insanity, "doing the same thing over and over again but expecting a different result!"  How often have you kept trying to change something about yourself only to fail miserably and then to repeat the behaviour expecting some sort of miracle!  
Changing a habit of a lifetime not only takes courage, it takes a tenacity of spirit to follow it through; this is where most if not all fall flat at getting from point A to point B in our lives.  Just as a baby learns to walk, if at first they don't succeed, they try and try again.  So here I am trying again.  Trying to change my thoughts and to lift my vibration to that of what I desire and not more of what I really don't want.  I am a constant work in progress, in that I KNOW I am destined for great things; for a life I have imagined over and over again, my issue is that sometimes I believe that it is all just in my imagination and will never materialise.  So that’s where the fault lies, as soon as doubt creeps into my head I go right back to the starting line and have to begin again, thus the “insanity” continues.
So I am trying to figure out, how to keep the pace, how to keep focused and not hit the abort button…….watch this space!!!!

Thursday, 21 April 2011

Word of the Week - Open your heart to love

Today I would like you to think about love.  Think about all the things that you love to do, the people you adore and really connect with the feeling that emanates from your stomach.  This believe it or not is where your true connection lies; that gut feeling as it is more commonly phrased is your real guidance compass.  
Try this experiment, sit still and focus your mind on something that you love.  What feelings do you notice from your stomach, does it flutter, does it flip, or does it tighten?  Really be aware of this feeling.  Now if you have truly thought about something that you loved your stomach WILL flip as if it is dancing with joy.  Hold on to that feeling and smile with it, soon this good feeling energy will filter throughout your entire being lifting your vibration just that bit higher.
The more you focus upon what you love, the more your feelings will work in sync and the greater happiness you will produce into your life.
Admittedly, some days are much easier than others to do this, but do keep trying, because once you raise your frequency to one of joy, you will literally magnetize more of the same to you.

Have a loving day!

Friday, 15 April 2011

Work of the Week- A burst of positive energy

Today I want to give you all a huge burst of positive energy that changes your "I can't" to “I definitely can!"

Each morning I wake up with a saying that I read in the book “Positive Thinking” by Vera Peiffer and I pass it on to you, as it has shifted my energy enormously.

“Today is a wonderful day full of lovely surprises for me.  I am very lucky and I attract good luck like a big magnet!”

I have stuck this to my bathroom mirror and repeat its words over and over in my head whilst brushing my teeth.  Words have an energy behind them that actually changes your feeling.  You start with an intangible; the thought to the tangible; the feeling!  Now it is easy to just think positively but if your feelings do not match then you are out of sync and generally you will feel as if you are lying to yourself. 
When you choose your intention first thing in the morning as to how you wish your day to proceed you are indeed working with the universal Law of Attraction. However you may be tested on that intention but it is how you choose to react to people and circumstances that will determine whether or not your original intention will carry you through the day.
Each day with practice you can chip away at your old level of thinking and replace it with new, fresh and vibrant thoughts that just energise you! 
If it is a cloudy day and changes your mood say to yourself “ it’s a beautiful day,”  why because you are alive and you are definitely special.  You can create and be whomever you wish to be today, forget about yesterday and don’t worry about tomorrow.  Each day you get to start again, you get to wipe the slate clean and reinvent YOU all over again.  How great is that?
So seize the day and make a concerted effort to revitalise your “I cannot” to a resounding I can!!
Peace and blessings

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Focus on Love

Today I am going to focus upon love.  I will only talk about things that I love as well as all the things I love to do.  Too often we talk about that which upsets us, or what we do not want.  Now if the universal law of attraction works upon whatever we focus upon we attract, then I certainly don't want anymore of what I do not desire! 
So if interests rates move upwards, food prices continue to rise and petrol increases yet again, I will not sink deeper into woes of "how the heck am I to cope now," instead I will say "I have every resource to meet and satisfy my needs.  I love that I can spend money and it comes back to me tenfold!"
Sound delusional, maybe but I would rather my delusional ramblings with the a glimmer of hope that this law of attraction will work for me rather than succumb to the global gloom the media want to force down my throat! 
Have a sunny day

Friday, 8 April 2011

Word of the Week - Trying to find the light

When I write the word of the week, it is based upon what I think someone who is in a positive light would say to me in an effort for me to change my current thinking and perspective.  I write it as if I am talking to myself and often times looking back over what I have written tells me it is the greater part of me that writes this and not the mere mortal!

For the past few weeks I have personally been shrouded in darkness, dark thoughts, dark actions and a sense of hopelessness.  Even being a person of such high optimism there comes a time when an experience challenges you so much that you feel as if you have failed in your task.

I could not write, for all the words were tinged with anger and resentment at my predicament; having so much responsibility upon my shoulders that I was finding it increasingly difficult to bear.

So I started researching what vitamins that could help me, what natural oils I could use on my skin, what crystals I needed to wear and of course a good dose of Reiki healing on myself.

When you reach burn out, your body is literally out of sync with your mind and this is when physical illnesses start to manifest. I was trying to stave off this part of the cycle because I could not afford to be physically ill as well as mentally. 

So why am I telling you this, well I thought with all that I had learned, the vast amount of books I had read and with other tools at my disposal that I was finally immune to sadness, loss and depression.  I realised that as with everything in nature I too have a personal season and this season was much more challenging than I anticipated!
However, being the person that I am I will continue to try and step into the light any moment that I can; I will be gentle with myself when I feel I just cannot give anymore and I will not feel guilty about it either.

So when you have reached a point in your life when you think “you should know by now,” take this as a sign that a huge blessing is about to manifest in your life as long as you hold fast and not succumb to the recesses of your mind.

I continue, with albeit fragile steps, moving forward in my quest in finding my way back to me.

Peace and blessings

Monday, 21 March 2011

And then there was Light

I had been shrouded in darkness for so many weeks now I really began to believe that I had actually lost myself!  I lost my light, my vibrancy, my Joie de vivre!  My children felt the effects of my misery too and became sapped of their natural ability to just be themselves.  I had turned into Shrek the actual Ogre and not the green loveable character that now graces our screens.  Knowing deep inside of me that the positive person I had grown accustomed to love and adore was now packing its bags and leaving sent me into an awful panic; to such a degree I felt drastic steps needed to be taken for my survival!  I began to wonder the reasons why I felt so utterly dreadful.  The answer lay in a small pink tablet called Mirtazapine that was prescribed by my doctor to help me through my “I can’t take any more of this s**t called life anymore!”  Yes they were anti-depressants but despite my rigorous efforts to research different discussion threads about this pill I still took them in the hope that they would at least get the Serotonin levels in my brain back to normal as they had promised.  Well I stopped taking them Thursday evening and by Sunday I was dancing to loud music around my bedroom in shorts and a t-shirt singing and laughing gaily on my own and loving it!  The old me had returned with a grand carnival entrance and I welcomed her with open arms. 
Now I must emphasise that I did search the internet for a natural replacement for the pills before I stopped taking them and found a herbal supplement called "Happy Days 5HTP" distributed by Healthspan and immediately ordered some, I am eagerly awaiting their arrival and will let you know how I get on.  Though because of my experience, I do urge anyone who is on prescribed anti-depressants to be acutely aware of mood changes once they start taking them. Even though the precautions stated that they can make you feel worse before you will feel better, a month in of taking them I would rather deal with my own demons without the addition of others that I have no idea how to cope with.
So as I finally see the light streaming through my window of the world, I pass this missive onto you with a huge grin on my face charting a huge step in my glorious journey on finding my way back to me!
Have a fantastic day J

Friday, 18 March 2011

The Word of the Week - A Touch of Kindness

There are times in your life where you feel that you need to stop right where you are and just be!  This is where I am in my life and I share this with you in the hope that others do not feel alone with what they are going through.  Generally, I am a very positive and optimistic soul but of late, I found it difficult just to get up in the morning, to feel inspired, to be grateful for a brand new day, or to see joy in my existence.  I ask myself "what lesson am I to learn from this?”  Well I have learned "no man is an island" and I have realised that I must ask so that it can be given!  In my grief I reached out to my closet friends and confided that I was indeed struggling with my lot, I was met with love, a kind word, and a listening ear.  I thank all those who have supported me (they know who they are) and most of all my mother who has made me the woman that I am!
A touch of kindness is all that is needed sometimes to help a person through a trying time; be it a kind word, a listening ear or advice.
However I must say, as today is Comic Relief Red Nose Day, it really puts into perspective how my own problems compare to those who don’t have a roof over their heads, money to eat or even proper sewage.
That does not mean I negate my own issues, it just lets me realise how lucky I am to be alive, with a lovely house, reliable utilities and home comforts.  These things I take for granted when I know others would be more than grateful for even half of what I have.  Therefore, I dry my tears, lift my shoulders, and stand firm because I am blessed to be in this body, blessed with this life and thankful to know that on this journey I am never alone!

Friday, 11 March 2011

The Power of "I AM!" - Word of the Week

When you make a conscious choice with the statement of "I AM," the universe immediately matches the thought and the statement so that it actually manifests physically into your life.  Generally our thought process works on the basis of focusing on what we don't want and thus bringing more of the same into our reality.  For example you are unhappy with your life, so what is your focus, you focus upon those things that indeed are the "cause" of your unhappiness; thus you continue a habitual cycle of thought.  Now the universe is not only thought led, the feelings have to match with the thought in order to bring about the physicality, so you can't just think I am happy without the feeling behind it.  However, I can say emphatically and without a doubt that there is a powerful vibration to the "I AM" statement in that it resonates the feeling to match the statement you make even if it is just slight.  Try it and see, use any on of the statements "I am lovable; I am patient; I am the epitome of happiness; I am sexy; I am gorgeous; I am fabulous."

You cannot help but feel the vibes of the words that you say that are followed by this "I AM" statement and I wholeheartedly encourage you just for today, to give yourself an "I AM" statement of whatever it is you desire right now!  Pick up on the little vibration the statement enthuses and let it gather momentum, then roll with it.  You will definitely be on the right path at least for that moment; as you will experience as well as be in unison with the powerful Universal Law of Attraction!

Have a splendid day!
©Carol Muhammad 2011

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

What's your perspective?

Life is all about perspective, no matter what situation you are going through it is how YOU view it that determines the impact it has on your life. Some days are easier than others to have a positive slant on things; then there are days where everything is just so dark you can't even see a pinprick of light.  Yesterday as I flicked through the TV channels I stumbled upon a show entitled "wonders of the universe" which discussed the aspects of time and the effects on our solar system.  What was fascinating was there was a picture taken by Voyager 1 thirteen years ago of our planet from 6 billion kilometers away, it was just a tiny dot of light. (It is actually called the Pale blue dot, go on google it) How is that for perspective, if our planet is just this speck of light, a microcosm in this vast universe, how significant are our deemed problems that we ultimately create?  Besides really needing to get a life by watching such programs it has slapped me into the reality that in the midst of things do I really have anything to honestly worry about?  If our entire planet is just a dot of light, how significant to that fact is me losing weight or being depressed.  I think when you look at the bigger picture it helps you to readjust your focus and of course your view.  So as I eat more chocolate chip cookies each day, walk my 8000 steps and envisage a a slimmer me, I also remember that there is an infinite universe out there full of wonder and delights so get over myself!!! LOL xxxx I have included the link just for your enjoyment http://www.bigskyastroclub.org/pale_blue_dot.htm

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Throw Away the Scales

Well, as I keep reading my way through the "I can make you slim" book and eat my chocolate chip cookie  as I am type this, LOL  I have removed the scales from my bathroom and have condemned them to the attic!  In the words of Paul Mckenna, he says not to go on your scales every day or if you have to have them not for a minimum of two weeks whilst on the plan.  He is talking my kind of language, for as I stepped on the scales this morning and it groaned in displeasure, it did indeed make me feel disheartened that I would ever lose this weight. So I refuse to weigh myself for the next month.  Even as I do battle with the Wii Fit board I will go straight to the training program and skip the part where it tells you that your BMI is far too high.  It even has line that ascends for goodness sake.  How's that for motivation?
Anyhoo, I feel more optimistic today and am visualising how I will look when I lose the weight. I know I must sound like some neurotic person because I only need to lose 1 stone but it feels like it is such a huge mountain to climb.  I suppose not being in my normal bubbly frame of mind and suffering with a bout of depression does not help, but I am trying to grab onto the essence of Spring and fill my mind with hope and gain a little bit of zest for life once again.  The winter was far too long and the global mood is far too dreary, so a healthy dose of  hip hip hurray is needed!  So just for today I am going to put a spring in my step and tell myself that everything WILL be ok.  Have a fab day xxxxx

Monday, 7 March 2011

Monday 7th March

Today as I sat at my desk my body literally felt like it was getting fatter and fatter by the second.  I thought my God I am obsessed with my weight.  So with determination as I got home, I quickly changed and went for a three mile walk with my dog and my daughter.  I felt great, so great I actually managed 9000 steps today (according to my pedometer) and 7000 of those was chalked up on my walk alone.  Still enthused I did 30 minutes workout on the Wii fit, even as it winced when I stood on the balance board, then it expressed dismay that I had put on a further 1lb in weight and had the cheek to ask me the cause of my weight gain! I was still not fazed by the Wii fit's confidence in my ability to lose weight, my goal is the 24th May and I will reach my target.  Well I keep telling myself I will anyway, even as I baked the 7 minute "death by chocolate sponge" in the microwave and have just eaten it with lashings of chocolate custard LMAO!!!!!!!  If I do manage to reach my goal I am sure I will make a huge amount of money on the "eat as much chocolate as you like diet!" What do you all think?  At least the sun did shine today and the daffodils were in bloom, the world is not such a dark place and I still have hope that things will eventually turn out right for me one day xxxxx

Sunday, 6 March 2011

Sunday 6th March

I am having a very indulgent Sunday! Am lazing in bed, with the sun shining through my window, books scattered on my duvet listening to Jazz FM on sky TV and have treated myself to an afternoon tipple of wine.  How wonderfully decadent!  :-) Don't you just love Sundays where you have absolutely nothing to do except indulge in your own whims.  When I was married Sundays would be spent in bed all day frolicking with my husband, but that seems a lifetime ago now.  How strange life can be, even more so how devastating love can be?  How do you learn to love again and to trust again after being hurt so badly by those whom you loved?  How do you heal from the heartache, moreover how do you open your heart again to someone else without the fear attaching itself to it? I am hoping that each day I heal just that bit more from the heartache I have suffered.  I have to remind myself that I am lovable even when I think that I am not especially when it is not reciprocated by the opposite sex. I have to learn to love myself no matter what, especially if there is more of me to love than usual!  Yes I had an awful battle with a chocolate sponge last night and failed miserably.  Does it count that I actually enjoyed the failure because it was absolutely delicious LOL.  So I shall spend a lazy day reading "I can make you thin" (please God let me wake up tomorrow and not have another stomach sitting on my lap when I am on the loo) hopefully it will get me back on track to visualizing a thinner gorgeous me! However, all joking aside, I still love myself and accept every single part of me, because in the words of Marianne Williamson, I am brilliant, gorgeous talented and fabulous...........and do you know what......so are you xxxxxxx

Friday, 4 March 2011

Day Seven but really Day Eight

I could not even summon the energy to blog yesterday.  To say I had hit rock bottom was clearly an understatement!  Have you ever had days where you have looked at your life and said "seriously, is this it, is this all I have to look forward to day in day out!"  Well that's exactly what I did, the world was indeed a dark and lonely place for me and I truly could not see the wood for the trees. To the extent that whilst driving I was blinded by tears and had no way of stopping the intense saddness I felt in my heart.  This then turned to anger and resentment as to the very poor choices that I had made in my life.  I knew I needed to save myself as no-one was going to do it for me and went onto the Amazon website in search of a book, any book that could bring me back to some sense of equilibrium.  As I am on the "I can make you thin" regime (which seems to translate in my  mind as I can make you fatter Carol considering I ate a whole packet of cookies yesterday but I digress) I looked up my friend Paul Mckenna and found an aptly titled book "I can make you happy!" Bingo, so not wanting to wait for delivery I tottered off to my local bookshop and found one on the shelves.  It came with a hypnotic cd as well so I thought I will listen to that as I drift off to sleep last night.  Well not only did I fall asleep listening to it last night, this morning at around 5am I put the cd on again and fell asleep.  I can honestly say I do not remember a word he said except count back from 300 but today life is not so bad!  Today I feel I can at least cope with the world so something subliminal must have happened.
All I can say is that no matter how hard my life is at the moment or how my perception may be clouded, I will continue to put one step in front of the other and love myself no matter what.
Have a fabulous day xxxxx

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Day Six

Today I am not going to focus on my weight.  Today I am going to be kind to me! I am going to love myself exactly as I am.  A beautiful vibrant human being.  I am going to do things that enjoy and if that means stuffing chocolate down my face then so be it LOL!  But seriously, my self talk today is going to be one of inspiration, one of praise for who I am right at this very moment.  I am going to tell myself that I LOVE YOU and not wait for anyone else to say those three words, because if I cannot love myself how can I possibly expect anyone else to.  I am going to sing my praises today and be grateful for the life that I am living right here right now.  I am not going to catapault my thoughts into the future nor review my past.  I will make a concious effort to be in the present even if it is out of my comfort zone I choose to just BE today.
On this journey I have read countless of books to urge me on my way, to help keep my thoughts focused and as a source of comfort when I have had no-one physically around.  Today I say to you, learn to just be and let all that is to unfold in you life do so without resistance on your part.  Have a great day xxxx

Monday, 28 February 2011

Day Five

I have come to the conclusion that I actually hate my scales.  They are not my friends; in fact I have now deemed all scales as the enemy!  My ever increasing waistband has not miraculously disappeared in a matter of days , it seems as if my clothes are shrinking.  Note to self must change detergent!  Okay, I did not exercise at all this weekend and the scales (which are now my arch enemy) have been less than kind to my fragile ego!  So I listened to Mr McKenna's CD whilst I hung up some wallpaper this afternoon.  Snapped on my pedometer and was determined to step that bit more than I had done the day before.  I am feeling somewhat disheartened at my lack of weight-loss even if it has only been 5 days. Though I am not giving up.  My goal is the 24th May 2011, 90 days and I am determined to achieve my 23 year old body no matter what.  Well eating that Snicker bar did not help but damn chocolate makes me feel so good LOL!  My wonderful friend's father used to give her an analogy of "how do you eat an elephant, one bite at a time!" So excusing the pun, I am taking one bite at a time to achieve my goal, even if it is chocolate LMAO.  Tomorrow is another day to begin again, so what the hell, at least I put a smile on my face.  Have a fab day xxx

Sunday, 27 February 2011

Day Four

Feeling a bit flat today.  Had a wonderful evening with my friends last night, so am feeling a bit low as they do live a couple hours drive away from me so we do have to organize to see each other.  The communal was good though as things always don't seem so dark when you have another person's perspective on things and it is a great way to brainstorm. So I am feeling the pangs of loneliness but I have told myself it is okay to accept how I feel.  Sometimes we put so much pressure on ourselves thinking that we are SUPPOSED to act one way or another in order to be accepted.  Today I feel a bit lonely and I accept that I feel this way.So I am going to have a relaxing bath with candles and put on something funny on my iPod and laugh away this mood.  Unfortunately I am still grabbing lumps of excess flesh from my stomach and am appalled that this mirage of fat has yet to disappear, but not to worry, tomorrow is another day to begin again.  Enjoy your Sunday........x

Saturday, 26 February 2011

Day Three

Well I was brave enough to go on the scales today and nearly passed out when I saw my weight!!!! So off to the shops I went and bought myself a pedometer, had my son set it up and clipped it to my body.  Yes this will count my steps and I will be off to a newer slimmer me!  I am still energetic and very hopeful that this Spring will bring about the change I so desperately need in my life right now.  There is such a heaviness in the atmosphere brought on because of the current global crisis as well as peoples moods.  Everyone seems to be feeling the pinch on their finances which aids the current depression.
I have learned that it is okay to ask for help sometimes especially when you find you really can't cope with all this bleakness.  I have had to ask for help from my doctors by way of counselling and anti-depressants, but I am not feeling guilty by this fact because I know I will feel better soon.  Sometimes the weight of the world can seem too much, so being kind and loving to yourself is always a great start.
Anyway my best girlies are coming to visit today for some conversational therapy and of course drinkies! Lets see if I can even type tomorrow...........have a great day!

Friday, 25 February 2011

Day Two

I must say that the hypnosis element of Paul Mckenna's CD's are quite relaxing and have helped me to literally think myself thin.  It is when I open my eyes and look in the mirror that the reality strikes as my eyes travel to my gut and not to the flat stomach I envisaged LOL!  However I am plodding on with this even having eaten five yes five slices of Dominoes pizza last night, as I got in too late from the monthly shop to be even remotely bothered with cooking.  Did I feel guilty, hell to the no, I enjoyed every mouthful, I ate slowly until I was full then I stopped!
I am feeling hopeful though at taking these steps to becoming an improved me.  Spring is in the air and there is an energy of trepidation and excitement that something wonderful is going to happen.  Sometimes you get so consumed in what is going on in your life you literally forget to live!  You miss what is going on around you and travel as if on auto pilot. So I have to remind myself to stop and see what is going on around me, look for the first signs of spring, the daffodils, the buds on the trees and more sunshine.
Well that's it for today, though I must say I am having a blast doing this even though it is only me reading this blog, but I am not bothered, it is new, it is fun and I am seizing the day! :-)

Thursday, 24 February 2011

Day one

Well this will be the first of many posts (I hope) that charts my progress of "finding my way back to me" and hopefully be an inspiration to others by detailing my own trials and tribulations as well as my accomplishments and joys on this life journey.
I have also embarked upon the Paul Mckenna "I can make you slim" program as I have decided that I would like to have my fab 23 year old body back again and keep it!  I am at the fantastic age of 42 and I am sorry to say that things did indeed start going downhill at the age of 40, but I intend to reverse this process and be this vibrant hot chick that I used to be!  Well one can try  :-) and I am going to make a blooming good effort to do so.  Thus I am eating what I like, when I am hungry, stopping when I am full and listening to his cd's which are rather good I have to say; so in tandem with finding myself I will be losing weight....I dearly hope so anyway!
Furthermore I intend to also have a relationship with someone other than myself and yes I am speaking about the opposite sex.  I have been on my own and healing from my divorce for nearly 5 years now and have decided enough is enough.  Where is the hard bodied, good looking, intelligent, fine hunk of gorgeousness that ignites my soul?  If anyone knows where he is just point him in my direction as I have put up my antena that is trasmitting my pheremones just for him LOL!
As this is my very first blog and I have absolutely no idea on what the heck I am doing, please be patient with how my page looks, I am sure it will get better as I move on, but in the meantime.......you all have a wonderful day x