Thursday, 30 June 2011

The Word of the Week- Expect a Miracle

 If you do not expect your miracle how will it ever materialise?  If you do not feed your dreams, how will they manifest?  Each and every day I imagine, I fantasize as it were upon a situation that has yet to happen but I have absolute faith that it will!  For example, I may picture myself at the airport, waiting in the executive lounge sipping champagne waiting to board a first class flight to the Maldives.  I imagine what I am wearing, who I see and the excitement I feel when they call my boarding card. Sometimes I just stay on the plane imagining what I am doing and not even reach the destination, this I might leave until another time during the day to pick up where I left off.

The purpose of this exercise is to open the good feeling vibration that links you to the universal energy.  When you imagine in the present tense you open the door to creation; a wonderful quote by Albert Einstein sums this up perfectly:

“Imagination is more important than knowledge.
For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand,
while imagination embraces the entire world,
and all there ever will be to know and understand.”
As adults we hardly take time to imagine because we are so consumed either thinking of the past or running ahead to the future.  Give yourself the opportunity to literally reach for the stars by using that great muscle in your head!  Then add a good dose of gratitude for what you do have and you will be utterly surprised how powerful this exercise brings to you even more than what you could have possibly imagined.

The only difficulty you encounter with this kind of thought is that it is very simplistic, we are taught to believe that hard work and sacrifice are the tools to which bring us what we desire, well, no-one who absolutely loves their work actually works hard because it is a joy to them.  Therefore imagining many experiences is a way of creating that energy of joy.

Just for today - IMAGINE!

©2011Carol Muhammad

Thursday, 23 June 2011

The Word of the Week - Peace

In a culture that expects you to keep “doing” all of the time; where guilt keeps you from taking that well-earned break and the premise that you have to work so very hard to get anywhere in life, are views that  hold you hostage from acquiring a greater sense of peace.
Peace, "what’s that,” you may ask? Even I have missed being in a place of peace as I became so overwhelmed with my life.  However, I had to go back to my early teachings on this path, back to the basics and started to meditate!  I started to question the validity of my angry flare ups, my stresses and talk to myself in such a way that I  calmed down and felt centred.  I had no choice but to take such actions because your body has a way of giving you very clear messages that your current behaviours are not good for you and you need to back off, otherwise it will manifest into the physical and you become ill!
Sometimes we can be so hard headed that instead of being preventative we end up being reactive and  with any change to be successful you have to break your old habits, which can only happen with constant practice.

Ask yourself the question are you in a peaceful place in your life? 
Sometimes we end up searching everywhere but ourselves for answers to the questions that we seek, but in all honesty you are equipped to deal with so much more if you would trust and listen to your guidance within.

So just for today, take a few minutes out of your “busy” schedule and communicate with the innermost part of you, shut your mind down and follow your breath.  For when you concentrate on your breathing and close your eyes, you allow yourself to connect with the present moment, which reminds us that it IS indeed a GIFT!
Wishing you all Peace!
 ©2011Carol Muhammad

Friday, 17 June 2011

Word of the Week - Inner Guidance

Are you happy?  Do you wake up each morning excited to see a new day?  Do you smile at the thought of your partner and glow with the feelings of love?  Are you passionate about anything in your life right now?

Why do I ask? Well these are questions that you can ask yourself on a regular basis, to give you an indication of your vibrational levels; it also determines whether your energies are open to receiving your wants or are closed leaving you still wanting!
Let’s face it, you are not going to be in the up mode ALL of the time but you can at least ensure that you are most of the time, by making sure you check in with yourself regularly and take time to focus upon your desires on a daily basis.

Whatever you imagine you will create only if you listen to your inner guidance and follow it trustingly and without hesitation.  If something is out of kilter in your life ask yourself why, then focus upon what it is that you desire rather than more of what you don’t want.  I have to say this to myself over and over again, because I too fall into the trap of bemoaning about what I really dislike in life always forgetting that the more I talk about what I don’t want, the more I attract it to myself!  Why on earth such a simple concept is so difficult to execute?

So repetition is a vital ingredient in order to change a habit of a lifetime.  Most of us desire a lot of the same things, a wonderful deep meaningful love relationship that allows you to shine and flourish, finances to meet all our needs and then some.  A secure home, good health and fantastic holidays!

The only reason for the delay in the manifestation of our desires is that we resolutely refuse to listen to the voice within.
So today, have a good conversation with yourself and learn to ask for guidance from the inner part of you that unreservedly desires the absolute BEST for you.

Have a talkative weekend!

Friday, 3 June 2011

The Word of the Week - A Healthy Dose of Nothing!

Sometimes we need a little push as an excuse to take a some time for ourselves.  We get so caught up in the vicissitudes of life, constantly doing, that we actually forget to just be!  We make all kinds of excuses to keep pushing forward, to worry persistently and ignoring our bodies calls for rest!

When we do not listen to the subtle and sometimes quite loud shouts that our bodies try to communicate to us, we ultimately end up paying for this transgression with a bout of illness or pain!  I don’t know how many times I am to learn this lesson over and over again, but with practice I am sure I will get it right and you will too J!

Today I will be the unseen force that will give you the excuse to do absolutely nothing and just rest your body, at least for one day this weekend. Have some well-deserved ME time; a relaxing bath maybe, read a book, lounge in your armchair, paint your nails, go for a walk; anything that makes you totally switch off from everything allowing you to enjoy the MOMENT!

Whatever you do this weekend, take some much needed time for yourself, because you really do deserve it!

Have a relaxing weekend.