Thursday, 21 April 2011

Word of the Week - Open your heart to love

Today I would like you to think about love.  Think about all the things that you love to do, the people you adore and really connect with the feeling that emanates from your stomach.  This believe it or not is where your true connection lies; that gut feeling as it is more commonly phrased is your real guidance compass.  
Try this experiment, sit still and focus your mind on something that you love.  What feelings do you notice from your stomach, does it flutter, does it flip, or does it tighten?  Really be aware of this feeling.  Now if you have truly thought about something that you loved your stomach WILL flip as if it is dancing with joy.  Hold on to that feeling and smile with it, soon this good feeling energy will filter throughout your entire being lifting your vibration just that bit higher.
The more you focus upon what you love, the more your feelings will work in sync and the greater happiness you will produce into your life.
Admittedly, some days are much easier than others to do this, but do keep trying, because once you raise your frequency to one of joy, you will literally magnetize more of the same to you.

Have a loving day!

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  1. This is great carol,
    You never cease to amaze me. Your strength comes form the almighty creator of the heavens and the earth. Which is why your dynamic thrust upwards is strong in helping you to overcome all obstacles in your path.