Friday, 8 July 2011

The Word of the Week - Unconditional Love

What do you see when you stare back at your reflection?  Do you see a beautiful human being, created in the perfection of an unconditional love that you too also possess? Do you believe in your heart of hearts that the love that you have for yourself should be a reflection of the mate you have chosen to walk with in this life?
Love and relationships give us the most challenging experiences that allow us to grow into the persons that we are today.  Sometimes you will find that people are brought into your life so that you can learn a lesson, so that your soul grows exponentially in recognising what love means to you.  Relationships are discerned as a reason, season or a lifetime and it is the self-analysis, as well as the internal dialogue that we have with ourselves, that determines which of those relationships fall into those categories.

When you have a deep sense of love for yourself you take time to nourish your inner being, for example, learning to speak highly about yourself and not succumbing to the negatives that we so readily express, which depletes rather than feeds the soul. You learn to recognise that you are deserving and worthy of receiving a love that meets all your expectations, but you simply cannot be satisfied with a love that is not a reflection of yourself.  The more you love yourself unconditionally, the greater the attraction of a love to you that meets your criteria.  Sometimes relationships are given to us so that we learn this very experience, though if we choose to ignore the lesson, you will be forced to repeat your actions and live with your own dissatisfaction until you do!

To love unconditionally means to accept both the “good” and the “bad” that you see in yourself, (I have inverted these words as I do try to minimise the use of our attachment to labels), it means to forgive and not hold onto anger.  However I have to be clear that unconditional love does not mean to accept a dysfunctional or abusive relationship, nor a relationship that does not allow you to shine as the star that you are destined to become.

To love, is one of the greatest gifts at our disposal that will change the world, but this love must start, and I phrase the late Michael Jackson, “with the man in the mirror!”

Have a loving weekend.

©2011 Carol Muhammad

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