Sunday, 27 February 2011

Day Four

Feeling a bit flat today.  Had a wonderful evening with my friends last night, so am feeling a bit low as they do live a couple hours drive away from me so we do have to organize to see each other.  The communal was good though as things always don't seem so dark when you have another person's perspective on things and it is a great way to brainstorm. So I am feeling the pangs of loneliness but I have told myself it is okay to accept how I feel.  Sometimes we put so much pressure on ourselves thinking that we are SUPPOSED to act one way or another in order to be accepted.  Today I feel a bit lonely and I accept that I feel this way.So I am going to have a relaxing bath with candles and put on something funny on my iPod and laugh away this mood.  Unfortunately I am still grabbing lumps of excess flesh from my stomach and am appalled that this mirage of fat has yet to disappear, but not to worry, tomorrow is another day to begin again.  Enjoy your Sunday........x

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