Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Throw Away the Scales

Well, as I keep reading my way through the "I can make you slim" book and eat my chocolate chip cookie  as I am type this, LOL  I have removed the scales from my bathroom and have condemned them to the attic!  In the words of Paul Mckenna, he says not to go on your scales every day or if you have to have them not for a minimum of two weeks whilst on the plan.  He is talking my kind of language, for as I stepped on the scales this morning and it groaned in displeasure, it did indeed make me feel disheartened that I would ever lose this weight. So I refuse to weigh myself for the next month.  Even as I do battle with the Wii Fit board I will go straight to the training program and skip the part where it tells you that your BMI is far too high.  It even has line that ascends for goodness sake.  How's that for motivation?
Anyhoo, I feel more optimistic today and am visualising how I will look when I lose the weight. I know I must sound like some neurotic person because I only need to lose 1 stone but it feels like it is such a huge mountain to climb.  I suppose not being in my normal bubbly frame of mind and suffering with a bout of depression does not help, but I am trying to grab onto the essence of Spring and fill my mind with hope and gain a little bit of zest for life once again.  The winter was far too long and the global mood is far too dreary, so a healthy dose of  hip hip hurray is needed!  So just for today I am going to put a spring in my step and tell myself that everything WILL be ok.  Have a fab day xxxxx

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