Friday, 17 June 2011

Word of the Week - Inner Guidance

Are you happy?  Do you wake up each morning excited to see a new day?  Do you smile at the thought of your partner and glow with the feelings of love?  Are you passionate about anything in your life right now?

Why do I ask? Well these are questions that you can ask yourself on a regular basis, to give you an indication of your vibrational levels; it also determines whether your energies are open to receiving your wants or are closed leaving you still wanting!
Let’s face it, you are not going to be in the up mode ALL of the time but you can at least ensure that you are most of the time, by making sure you check in with yourself regularly and take time to focus upon your desires on a daily basis.

Whatever you imagine you will create only if you listen to your inner guidance and follow it trustingly and without hesitation.  If something is out of kilter in your life ask yourself why, then focus upon what it is that you desire rather than more of what you don’t want.  I have to say this to myself over and over again, because I too fall into the trap of bemoaning about what I really dislike in life always forgetting that the more I talk about what I don’t want, the more I attract it to myself!  Why on earth such a simple concept is so difficult to execute?

So repetition is a vital ingredient in order to change a habit of a lifetime.  Most of us desire a lot of the same things, a wonderful deep meaningful love relationship that allows you to shine and flourish, finances to meet all our needs and then some.  A secure home, good health and fantastic holidays!

The only reason for the delay in the manifestation of our desires is that we resolutely refuse to listen to the voice within.
So today, have a good conversation with yourself and learn to ask for guidance from the inner part of you that unreservedly desires the absolute BEST for you.

Have a talkative weekend!

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