Friday, 26 July 2013

The Word of the Week - Do The Work! (Warning -This one is NOT gentle)

 This morning I wanted to pose a question, Why do people (i.e.You) find it difficult to put in the work for their own self-development?  Why is it people (again You) insist on complaining about what is lacking in their life, what it is they don’t have, what it is that they want, but have no intention of doing the work to achieve their desires!  In an age where we have many law of attraction books such as “The Secret and The Magic” to name but a few,  they all encourage the reader to change their thoughts to what they want rather than what they do not want. However, I think many may have misunderstood its message and have become apathetic, in that as long as a person thinks about what they desire, they would magically get it! 

Now don’t get me wrong, I have both of those wonderful books on my shelf and they have helped me enormously, however, thinking about being wealthy didn't suddenly make me wealthy.  Nor imagining this great life I desired in extensive detail before I went to bed every night did not magically change my sorry situation.  No, the information contained in those books only truly started working for me once I realised that I had to do the work (and the suggested methods) to change my entire belief system about myself and the world.  It was only then, wonderful opportunities and experiences started to occur in my life. 

 Just as it is so very easy to order absolutely anything on the internet, we are very much an “I want it now” society; we lack patience with ourselves and with others.  We lack cultivating a spirit of compassion for our fellow man and we lack the conviction to do for ourselves what we expect others to do for us.
You desire more peace in your life, but you are not willing to take steps to stop the negative chatter.  You desire to be more fulfilled in your career and yet you do absolutely nothing in your attempt to find a more rewarding experience.  You desire a wonderful soul enriching relationship but you do not do the work in becoming what you desire in your mate!  I have sat for many years, waiting.  Waiting for a sign to take action, waiting for something, anything to kick start me into living a life that I have dreamed, not realising that the only person stopping myself from doing any of these things was having faith in myself knowing that I could.

Right here right now, I am here to tell you that absolutely nothing stands in your way for changes to occur in your life or your circumstances other than yourself.  Stop waiting and start doing.  If you have a big problem with your negative self-talk, then take action, buy a book, go on a course or find a mentor so that you can get the help.  Stop passively sitting there and complaining about what is wrong in your life and do something to help change it.  Trusting the guidance within teaches you to recognise the signs when you are to wait and exercise patience and when you are to actively participate in obtaining the life you desire.

Ascertain what your own Achilles heel is and then apply a method that helps you to action that change. An addendum here is that it must be consistently applied!!!

This wonderful affirmation (and a fantastic tool to use) from the book “No Matter What,” by Lisa Nichols is simple, short, sweet and empowering. 

I have faith in myself
Have a productive weekend.


Friday, 19 July 2013

The Word of the Week - What do you say?

Our self-talk is extremely important to our development in becoming the grandest version of our greatest vision of ourselves.  What you say has the power to render you powerless and weak, or strong and limitless.  Rarely do we offer reverence to the words we speak both out loud and silently.  If you tell yourself something often enough, that which you say will become your belief and ultimately will manifest into reality.  This reminds me of a quote:

Watch your thoughts, they become words.
Watch your words, they become actions.
Watch your actions, they become habits.
Watch your habits, they become your character.
Watch your character, it becomes your destiny.

 I cringe inwardly when I hear people say something about themselves that describe a personality flaw.  The remark can be so forceful that I can hear the total belief in the statement.  For example, I have said to friends “Tell yourself  in the mirror I love you!” their faces contort with horror rejecting even the notion that they could say such a thing to themselves, “Oh no, I can’t do that!”  They literally look disgusted at the mere thought of saying it out loud let alone in their head. 

Who do you think you are rejecting when you can’t even say those three beautiful words to yourself?  How can you possibly love someone else with all honesty when you have no love for yourself?  If you have no love for yourself it reduces your ability to create loving personal boundaries that deter others from over stepping their mark with you, which in turn leads to YOU feeling hurt.

 Loving yourself is not vanity, it is however a very subtle form of narcissism but not excessively.  True love encompasses kindness, forgiveness, empathy and is totally unconditional.  Do you practice unconditional love for yourself?  “Oh I will love myself when I am thin, I will love myself when I earn more money, I will love myself when the other person changes their behaviour!”  No, no, no!  Love yourself now, in this very moment, for there is only now, there is only this present moment.  

It always surprises me how in the past I could tell someone else that I loved them but could not tell myself those very same words.  Now I recognise the contradiction, I recognise that only by loving myself totally, emphatically and with great reverence enables me to give to someone else the highest version of love.  “Do unto others as you would do unto yourself” comes to mind, I would add an instruction that you do this to yourself first and foremost before including others.

Just for today, be the kindest person that you possibly can to the most beautiful, the most deserving and the most worthy person that you know……..and  that is to YOURSELF!

Have a loving weekend

Nameste, love and light x

Friday, 5 July 2013

The Word of the Week - Fears

When it comes to moving from an experience that we no longer desire to a new one, I notice that in some people there seems to be resistance to this change.  There is a sense of inertia and apathy to their circumstances justifying the “I can’t do anything about my life so why bother,” statements! 
Why do you think we are so resistant to saving ourselves from the mental turmoil that we inflict on a daily basis?  Why wouldn’t we do all that we can and put in the necessary work so that we can enjoy life by living through an experience rather than battling and struggling against the flow of life?
This morning I contemplated in what way I resist against the flow of life and what were the reasons that I created in my mind that cause me to do so?  When I was able to dig through all the crud of excuses that was justifying the reasons why I was in such a bad mood this morning, I realised that ultimately ALL of my issues can be traced to one cause and one cause only.  That is fear!
This morning it was a fear of lack.  I became angry at the world and how unsupportive that it felt to me, how I was absolutely fed up with not getting what I wanted in the speed that I wanted it and proverbially stamped my foot in the frustration that I held at life.  I didn’t want to listen to the voice that told me, be patient, everything happens in the right time and that I have absolutely everything that I need right here and now.  No I was in the grip of my petulant ego who was furiously throwing all of its toys out of the pram!

I chuckle as I write this because I watched myself act out this tantrum, I observed myself without judgement and waited for the moment to past.  After I vented my frustrations in my journal I closed my eyes and simply said “show me another way to see this.”  I took a few deep breaths and repeated this statement with every out breath I took and this was my reply:

“The sun is shining today as a reminder of the light that is in YOU, is a reflection of the light in others.  Why on Earth would you want to stand in darkness when there is so much light around you?
You are created perfect, whole and complete.  You are fully supported by the Universe and your needs are Always met.  Embrace the beauty of this day, marvel in it, look at nature and recognise the oneness in all things.  There is nothing to fear, for love carries upon its wings the truth and truth always diminishes falsehood.  There is no lack. Only your ego’s thoughts about lack which are not based in truth. 
Feel your fear, feel your anger, feel your frustration.  Honour those feelings by really looking at them and they will disappear as you welcome the light of this moment.
For in this present moment there is absolutely nothing wrong with your life and you have nothing to fear.”

This my dear friends is the awesome power of meditation.  My inner guide reminded me that how I think has an impact upon everyone because we ALL have the same inner light and are part of the great one of creation.  It reminded me that in the past where I have had the same fears they were unfounded because everything turned out just fine.  It reminded me that if I lean to what is true, that which is not disappears.  It reminded me to be in the present and not project my fears into the future.

I share this with you in the hope that when you have fears that rise up in you at any given moment in your life,  instead of struggling, or fighting the fear, turn it over to your wonderful inner guide who speaks to you when you learn to quiet the incessant panic and chattering of the ego.  I know I was supposed to write about the benefits of meditation, of which there are many, however it seems that my spirit was moved to give you a live example instead.

Have a glorious weekend.