Friday, 31 January 2014

The Word of the Week - Noticing the Breath

Affirmation for the Day
Today I take time to notice my breathing and
recognise that it is my connection to the divine within me.

There is a great amount of truth in the advice given when one is anxious, in a state of agitation and/or stressed that they focus upon their breathing; that they use their breath to centre themselves and to calm down. 

Today I wish to convey my increasing awareness and study of the breath.  I have been amazed to find out how different breathing techniques can have such an enormous impact upon your state of being.  In fact, it is the focus upon the breath that puts you in a meditative state and thus enables you to quiet the mind.  However, with the practice of yoga, the differing type of breathing methods employed allows your body to expand into peace and tranquillity on an entirely different level.  If you were to notice what is your “normal” breathing pattern whilst sitting reading this, where does it begin?  Is it shallow or long breaths, does it come from the navel or the chest?  Do you recognise that the inhalation of breath is rejuvenating and the exhalation is the release?  Focal breathing enables your muscles to expand, softens your internal organs and allows you to be more receptive to life.  The more you allow the breath to flow through you; subconsciously you are indeed allowing yourself to flow easily with others around you.  Focal breathing alleviates stress, calms the mind, expels old pent up emotions that block your flow of energy and opens your mind to surrender rather than struggle.

One exercise that has been wonderful that I wish to share is one which trains you to expand your lungs capacity.  To begin this exercise you take in a breath, then pause for a couple of seconds, instead of exhaling, breathe in again, this fills the top of the lungs then pause, at this point breath out slowly and steadily.  You will notice that you’re out breath will be longer, your navel will sink inward to expel all of the air you took in and you immediately relax more deeply.  This is followed by two gentle sets of in and out normal breaths, and then you repeat the hold and pause again.  This process has an immediate calming effect and allows your body, for just that moment be totally at ease.

Just for today, take time to notice your breath because as you focus your mind, even for just a moment, on an act that is done without you even thinking about it, allows you to silence your thoughts and opens a connection to the divine within you.


Friday, 17 January 2014

The Word of the Week 2014 - Change your routine

Peace and blessings for 2014

Today I am committed to living in a space of peace and joy
 by becoming acutely aware of what it is I am feeling at every moment of the day.

We know it is a time for resolutions, I prefer to call it reflections, because as you reflect upon your year that has passed, you can ponder upon the decisions that you made previously and know that you have the ultimate power and control to choose again.
What are you choosing to do differently this year?  What did you learn from the choices that you made last year? What tools do you have in your kit that you know you can use with success to navigate through the ebb and flow of life?  These are the type of reflections that put you in control of your life, instead of the belief in the illusion that life controls you.

You have the power to decide how your day will go from the moment you arise by the routine that you have instilled to start your day off right.  Each day I fine-tune my routine so that I set myself up to be the best person I can possibly be; despite my first thought this morning being “how am I to afford groceries until payday?”   When you become aware or your ego self, you will notice that your first thoughts in the morning may not lead off as positive, they may start to set you up to focus more on what you don’t have in your life rather than what you do.  I went from lack to abundance within an hour of rising just by instilling a change in my routine that works for me.  As I brush my teeth, I affirm, “I am magnificent, I am wealthy and live a life of ease, I am beautiful, I am a Queen.”  By the time I have brushed my teeth my energy shifts far more positively than my first thought of lack.  I then shower, change into my onesie, set out my yoga mat, light incense and candles and do a 15 minute DVD yoga set finishing with a relaxing meditation for a further 15 minutes.  Yes, I get up two hours earlier to start my day right by making time for the most important person in my world and that is me!  This routine did not happen overnight, it took time and practice, but I want you to reflect upon how can you start your morning by easing gently into the day rather than catapulting.  Loving yourself more means doing just that, making time for you!

The opening affirmation is my desire for my day and my wish for yours too.  A few years ago, my affirmations started out as a wish, now they become my reality more and more each passing day.
So just for today, reflect upon how you wish the coming days ahead to be for you and KNOW that once you affirm your commitment to this desire it WILL be yours.

Nameste xx