Friday, 27 May 2011

The Word of the Week - It's the Little Things........

I am living proof of how appreciating what you do have in your life, enables you to focus more upon joy!  I can definitely say, that to become what I am today, did not happen overnight, it took years of being moulded and fashioned by my own personal experiences, my heartaches, my tears, my marriage, my divorce, my children, my family and many other situations too vast to mention!

Learning from an experience and figuring out that you get to choose how you wish to feel every second of the day, has helped me have a more positive outlook on life, enjoy my children and absolutely adore the life that I am living! 
Yes I desire more, I have a huge vat full of wants, who doesn’t; in the meantime though I positively love what I do have.  I love that my children entertain me daily with how they interact with each other, especially when they all gang up on me and I am the target of their jokes and amusement.  I love that my daughter still wants to cuddle up with me and climbs into my bed, smothering my face with kisses.  I love that I have a home, a job, great friends and family. 

Why waste energy focusing upon that which you do not have at the moment?   Appreciate those wonderful little things that you have in your life, especially the ones you take for granted, for it will be these things that we will reflect upon as we grow older. 

So today, I humbly ask, that you reflect upon  what you have right here and now;  be grateful for everything and trust that when you cultivate this feeling, you lift your vibration higher and allows you to be more open to receive your desires.

Have a thoughtful weekend!

©2011Carol Muhammad

Friday, 20 May 2011

Word of the Week - Trying to harness that good feeling

For a number of years, I have been the ultimate work in progress trying to harness the power of cosmic ordering, the law of attraction and focusing upon my desires rather than my worries!  I have had successes and failures applying various methods and I was still searching for consistency in applying a method that works all of the time.

However, I have now realised that there is not just one method that you can use to maintain a feeling of positive vibration; I have learned that applying some or all of the tools that I have acquired over the years enable you to shift your focus upon a more constant basis that  yields better results.

On this journey, the use of trial and error has been the greatest of teachers, furthermore, I can finally say that I am in a place where I appreciate and am able to see so much good in my life irrespective of my circumstances.  I smile  just for the sake of it, and get a warm feeling in my gut, almost like butterflies.  This lets me know that I am in a good vibration.  I can sometimes think of silly things my children have done that have me in stitches and allows me to keep the good feeling going.  Or I can think of a joke my colleague told me that makes me literally laugh out loud. When I am in this space, I start to think of all the wonderful things I would like to attract in my life and I truly believe that they will happen. The big question is, does it work for me?  Well I will only find out as I maintain this level of consistency, however I must be doing something right if I am laughing and smiling everyday!

What is the point of constantly feeling bad especially about a situation that you have no idea how to change?  Isn’t there enough gloom in the world without adding your woes to the mix?

So today, make a concerted effort and SMILE, a big fat cheesy grin, just for the heck of it and let your energies soar, for you were put on this earth not to fail but to be successful in life!

Have a Happy day!


Saturday, 14 May 2011

Word of the Week - Life is for Living....So Live it!

Life is for living….so live it!!!

No-one knows better than me that you can sometimes get so caught up in your predicament that you actually forget to live!  We know there is a global crisis, we feel the pinch daily of rising fuel and food prices.  Money is earmarked for necessities, not for pleasure and the media just keep feeding us discouraging news; is it any wonder we bother to get up out of bed!!

So how many of you are pursuing your dreams, if you are, well done and good for you; if not what are waiting for?  Oh wait, let me guess, more money, more time, better health, too old, too scared, not worthy?  Making excuses gets you what….exactly, nothing!  Your dreams are put on hold; your life is a series of automated routines of grey with an odd burst of sunshine now and then.

That is not living, that is even less than existing.  You weren't put on this earth NOT to pursue your dreams, but to imagine and create the greatest and grandest vision of yourself.  Do you believe that this vision of yourself is only for the chosen few? No it is definitely for you and most certainly out there for me too!

So today, do SOMETHING; anything that takes you at least one step closer to that brilliant grand vision, do something that you really enjoy and put 100% effort into it.  If YOU can’t take the time to smile and do the things that you enjoy, just who do you think will?

Have an inspiring day 

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

It's been a while

Yes it has been a while since I have posted a blog, been busy I guess, dealing with the dailies of life as well as juggling work, children, teenage angst and focusing on pursuing my dreams.

Today is about focusing upon only what I want and I can assure you my list of wants is very very long!  I always remember the definition of insanity, "doing the same thing over and over again but expecting a different result!"  How often have you kept trying to change something about yourself only to fail miserably and then to repeat the behaviour expecting some sort of miracle!  
Changing a habit of a lifetime not only takes courage, it takes a tenacity of spirit to follow it through; this is where most if not all fall flat at getting from point A to point B in our lives.  Just as a baby learns to walk, if at first they don't succeed, they try and try again.  So here I am trying again.  Trying to change my thoughts and to lift my vibration to that of what I desire and not more of what I really don't want.  I am a constant work in progress, in that I KNOW I am destined for great things; for a life I have imagined over and over again, my issue is that sometimes I believe that it is all just in my imagination and will never materialise.  So that’s where the fault lies, as soon as doubt creeps into my head I go right back to the starting line and have to begin again, thus the “insanity” continues.
So I am trying to figure out, how to keep the pace, how to keep focused and not hit the abort button…….watch this space!!!!