Thursday, 23 June 2011

The Word of the Week - Peace

In a culture that expects you to keep “doing” all of the time; where guilt keeps you from taking that well-earned break and the premise that you have to work so very hard to get anywhere in life, are views that  hold you hostage from acquiring a greater sense of peace.
Peace, "what’s that,” you may ask? Even I have missed being in a place of peace as I became so overwhelmed with my life.  However, I had to go back to my early teachings on this path, back to the basics and started to meditate!  I started to question the validity of my angry flare ups, my stresses and talk to myself in such a way that I  calmed down and felt centred.  I had no choice but to take such actions because your body has a way of giving you very clear messages that your current behaviours are not good for you and you need to back off, otherwise it will manifest into the physical and you become ill!
Sometimes we can be so hard headed that instead of being preventative we end up being reactive and  with any change to be successful you have to break your old habits, which can only happen with constant practice.

Ask yourself the question are you in a peaceful place in your life? 
Sometimes we end up searching everywhere but ourselves for answers to the questions that we seek, but in all honesty you are equipped to deal with so much more if you would trust and listen to your guidance within.

So just for today, take a few minutes out of your “busy” schedule and communicate with the innermost part of you, shut your mind down and follow your breath.  For when you concentrate on your breathing and close your eyes, you allow yourself to connect with the present moment, which reminds us that it IS indeed a GIFT!
Wishing you all Peace!
 ©2011Carol Muhammad

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