Friday, 27 May 2011

The Word of the Week - It's the Little Things........

I am living proof of how appreciating what you do have in your life, enables you to focus more upon joy!  I can definitely say, that to become what I am today, did not happen overnight, it took years of being moulded and fashioned by my own personal experiences, my heartaches, my tears, my marriage, my divorce, my children, my family and many other situations too vast to mention!

Learning from an experience and figuring out that you get to choose how you wish to feel every second of the day, has helped me have a more positive outlook on life, enjoy my children and absolutely adore the life that I am living! 
Yes I desire more, I have a huge vat full of wants, who doesn’t; in the meantime though I positively love what I do have.  I love that my children entertain me daily with how they interact with each other, especially when they all gang up on me and I am the target of their jokes and amusement.  I love that my daughter still wants to cuddle up with me and climbs into my bed, smothering my face with kisses.  I love that I have a home, a job, great friends and family. 

Why waste energy focusing upon that which you do not have at the moment?   Appreciate those wonderful little things that you have in your life, especially the ones you take for granted, for it will be these things that we will reflect upon as we grow older. 

So today, I humbly ask, that you reflect upon  what you have right here and now;  be grateful for everything and trust that when you cultivate this feeling, you lift your vibration higher and allows you to be more open to receive your desires.

Have a thoughtful weekend!

©2011Carol Muhammad

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