Friday, 28 February 2014

The Word of the Week - Control

I have the power to control and direct my mind to whatsoever I desire.

We inherently desire to control our world and our immediate environment with which we live.  The decisions we make for our children, for our lives and our careers ultimately lies in our hands.  The illusionary factor is that which is outside of our control can influence our behaviour and our reactions to them.  For example, the economy, government policies, nature and other peoples attitude towards you.

We do however have total control over our minds and the power to direct our thoughts.  This is indeed a fact.  It is only through learned behaviour that we feel that our thoughts actually control us but this is not true.  A simple thought gains momentum and energy when it is fuelled by another ingrained power – the Will, once this element is in motion the physicality of that thought starts to manifest.

We forget how powerful we are – and it is only a mere habit that needs replacing that releases our ability to create the life we desire.  Each negative or unproductive thought that you have needs to be replaced or substituted with one that matches your desire.  You cannot just dismiss a thought, because the habit of a repetitive thought will always cause it to reoccur.  Therefore, any negative thoughts must be replaced.

As a very simple example, if you do not believe or think that, you are beautiful or handsome; you will say or have a thought that says, “I am unattractive” or “I am ugly” etc.  This thought will need to be substituted with “I am beautiful, I am gorgeous.”  Although this may feel uncomfortable at first, rest assured this resistance is only temporary.  Once you acknowledge that there will be resistance it is only overcome by repeated practice.  You will have to remember that you created the habit of calling yourself ugly or some other unkind word for many years so this is a learned behaviour therefore calling yourself beautiful just once is not going to work.  It has to be repeated often, it has to be practiced until your grow accustomed to telling yourself you are beautiful.  Eventually you will start to believe it and finally the physicality, you will feel and see beauty reflecting back at you in your life.

Any desire you have begins with a thought and even though others may not share your vision or even believe that you are capable of it does not mean you need to buy into their view. 
Just for today, KNOW in your heart that you are indeed powerful and that YOU have the supreme control to direct your thoughts to whatsoever you desire.

Have a powerful weekend


Friday, 21 February 2014

The Word of the Week - What do you REALLY want?


Today I make a commitment to focus upon my one main desire
and plant the seeds of intention to bring my vision into fruition.

I would like you to consider what you really want in life.  Not an ineffective dream that keeps changing with the wind, neither a "I would kind of like to have" statement that has you believing that you do not have a hope in hell in achieving. No, I want you to really sit down and take the time to figure out what you truly want in life.  If you want much do you want?  Give it a number, an actual physical amount.  The point here is to be very specific, then I would like to you to consider what it is that you can offer in exchange for that wealth.  What do you see yourself doing as a lifelong dream? Is it running your own business, is it a talent that you have or a service that you can give. The point here is that you must realise that in this life you do not get something for nothing.

"Whatever the mind can conceive and BELIEVE the mind can achieve."
Napoleon Hill

Napoleon Hill was right in the above statement, the sad truth though is that you do not understand the vast power that you were born with and that is, YOU have the power to control your thoughts.  Your mind is YOUR tool with which to create and manifest whatsoever you desire.   You need to realise that you are an unlimited being, the only limits that you do have are the ones that you have placed upon yourself.

Just for today, give some time and deep consideration to a desire, dream or ambition that you have.  Write it down and firm up your belief in the "I can," rather than the "I can't."  In the next few weeks, I will show you how to replace a negative belief about your dreams with a positive one. I leave you with one more quote with which to ponder......

"What great thing would you attempt if you knew you could not fail?"
Robert H Schuller


Friday, 14 February 2014

The Word of the Week - Tell yourself the truth

I am open to becoming more honest with my self-talk.
As it leads me to an expression of my authentic self.

When I need to gain clarity on a situation and my self- talk is entrenched in a tennis match between my ego and me, I turn to my main tool of journaling as a way of filtering through the ego’s fears and revealing the truth in a matter.  We can often hide behind our voice of reason by denying the truth it wants to reveal and even go as far as justifying a particular type of behaviour based upon the belief that it “feels good” right now.  The ego is slick and even wilier when it knows you are on a spiritual journey to eradicate it.  The ego will literally tell you that you are indeed following your path of joy and happiness in a pursuit that you know deep down inside is not good for you.

For example, it took me a long while to realise that in my personal relationships I used to settle for less than what I truly deserved, I could justify my reasons for dating someone because I would rather date than be alone.  Alternatively, I could pretend that true intimacy with someone was less important than satisfying a base carnal need.  In my denial, that little voice would always pipe up in my head and say, “Is this, really what you want to feel?”  I would not be honest with myself at times like this and I would lie by saying yes.  The voice would then recede and not say another word; I would remain in my denial until I opened my journal and let the words just flow through my pen.

In those moments of solitude, my journal was and is my very best friend.  She does not mince words with me but her honesty is always loving, non-judgemental and very frank.  This forum teaches me how to love myself more, to be kinder with words that describe myself and gain clarity into what my soul yearns to experience.  Don’t get me wrong, I vent in my journal too, when I am spitting nails, or feeling hurt or have behaved in a very unskilful way, I pour it all into the same book with the same brutal honesty as a way of blessed release.

So just for today, take time to have a talk with your Higher Self, he/she just loves to dialogue with you and is more than willing to show you how deeply the love for yourself can go.

Even though I do not celebrate Valentine’s Day, I do believe that being in love with yourself EVERYDAY irrespective if you are in a partnership, is the greatest gift that you can bestow.


Friday, 7 February 2014

The Word of the Week - Find the time


I lovingly attend to my needs by taking time today to do what I enjoy

Today I am reminded to ensure that my acts of self-care remain a priority in my life and hope to shine a light on the importance of taking care of your own needs.  Self-care is holistic in its approach; it encompasses your physical, your mental and your spiritual needs being brought to the forefront of your daily existence.  All too often, the thought of taking care of yourself is often pushed to the bottom of the list when your roles include taking care of your family and  prioritising your work and career advancement.  Some find it easier than others to create the down time necessary for themselves; some may find they do this regularly or very infrequently.  The care of yourself and I mean your big SELF here, is your main priority because there are far reaching benefits that affect those closest to you.  You are much happier, you are less resentful, you go with the flow rather than against it and it assists in maintaining equilibrium when the calm waters of life become too choppy.

So what do you enjoy?  What makes you smile or laugh out loud?  What relaxes you or calms you down? What makes you feel special? What can YOU do for your-Self that shows that you care about YOU? You would be surprised at how those questions in of themselves promote a dialogue that results in the reader asking themselves first, “What do I like doing?” as ironically we do not take the time to actually know what makes us happy.

Today, I would like you to consider a self-caring act you can do for yourself that would make you happy.  The proviso on this task is that it cannot be something that you buy, whether you can afford it or not;  it must be something that does not require another person to be, do or act in any particular way and it promotes a feeling of well-being in that moment.
There is some truth in me saying that a shopping spree would make me extremely happy, going on a fabulous vacation to another country, or finding the man of my dreams who is not a Hollywood actor as catalysts to feel joy in my life.  Yes, the experience of those things would give me some degree of happiness but I must first learn to practice a sense of joy that is not incumbent upon anything outside of myself.  I must learn to find my own joy from within, because things and people can often go or are taken away, which means that when it is gone, so too goes my joy.

Just for today, find one thing that you can do for yourself that brings you a sense of peace and joy. 
For it is the simplest things that yield the most pleasures, if we were to but notice that the love for ourselves opens the door to bliss.

Have a loving weekend.