Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Focus on Love

Today I am going to focus upon love.  I will only talk about things that I love as well as all the things I love to do.  Too often we talk about that which upsets us, or what we do not want.  Now if the universal law of attraction works upon whatever we focus upon we attract, then I certainly don't want anymore of what I do not desire! 
So if interests rates move upwards, food prices continue to rise and petrol increases yet again, I will not sink deeper into woes of "how the heck am I to cope now," instead I will say "I have every resource to meet and satisfy my needs.  I love that I can spend money and it comes back to me tenfold!"
Sound delusional, maybe but I would rather my delusional ramblings with the a glimmer of hope that this law of attraction will work for me rather than succumb to the global gloom the media want to force down my throat! 
Have a sunny day

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