Friday, 20 May 2011

Word of the Week - Trying to harness that good feeling

For a number of years, I have been the ultimate work in progress trying to harness the power of cosmic ordering, the law of attraction and focusing upon my desires rather than my worries!  I have had successes and failures applying various methods and I was still searching for consistency in applying a method that works all of the time.

However, I have now realised that there is not just one method that you can use to maintain a feeling of positive vibration; I have learned that applying some or all of the tools that I have acquired over the years enable you to shift your focus upon a more constant basis that  yields better results.

On this journey, the use of trial and error has been the greatest of teachers, furthermore, I can finally say that I am in a place where I appreciate and am able to see so much good in my life irrespective of my circumstances.  I smile  just for the sake of it, and get a warm feeling in my gut, almost like butterflies.  This lets me know that I am in a good vibration.  I can sometimes think of silly things my children have done that have me in stitches and allows me to keep the good feeling going.  Or I can think of a joke my colleague told me that makes me literally laugh out loud. When I am in this space, I start to think of all the wonderful things I would like to attract in my life and I truly believe that they will happen. The big question is, does it work for me?  Well I will only find out as I maintain this level of consistency, however I must be doing something right if I am laughing and smiling everyday!

What is the point of constantly feeling bad especially about a situation that you have no idea how to change?  Isn’t there enough gloom in the world without adding your woes to the mix?

So today, make a concerted effort and SMILE, a big fat cheesy grin, just for the heck of it and let your energies soar, for you were put on this earth not to fail but to be successful in life!

Have a Happy day!


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