Thursday, 30 May 2013

Word of the Week - Taking the pressure Off

One of the greatest gifts that I bestowed upon myself as I journeyed to become an active co-creator in my life was the ability to relieve the enormous amount of pressure I would inflict upon my mind.  In the past, my thoughts would jump from one seeming problem to another, creating a feeling of anxiety at what I thought were issues that were beyond my control to solve.  As much as I would mull a thought process in my mind, for example “how am I going to find the money to put petrol in my car when I only have £5.00 in the bank?” I would always end up back where I started, feeling hopeless and helpless about the situation.  The more I struggled to find a solution the less one materialised and so the cycle of pain and worry would hold me in its grip perpetuating those lower energy feelings.

Nowadays, I refuse to entertain such feelings because I actually expect miracles in my life!  Through tireless work and effort, I have totally revamped my thought processes from one of lack to one of abundance.  I now recognise the innate infinite power that I hold in my heart and mind with which to create my reality according to my desires.  So what is it that I do?  Well, there are many tools I use to "get me out of my head," but I will share with you my frequent go to in my tool kit and that is I get out of my OWN way.  Now this may seem like a “stick your head in the sand” scenario but trust me it is not.  I literally hand all of my so-called problems to my inner guide by just affirming the following:

“Inner Guide, I hand this problem to you for healing and clarity. Thank you”

Once I say these words, I refuse to entertain the machinations of my mind to bring the problem back to me because I realise and have finally recognised that my current thought processes will always keep me chasing my tail, the result of which leave me stressed and worrying incessantly.  I have learned that there IS another way, I actually have a choice and my PHD I gained in worrying is just not it!
It was a bit frightening to let go of the control I thought I had over my mind but I looked past the veil of my fears and stepped into a realm of new and uncharted territory, which has given me the ability to have more joy in my life instantaneously.
Ask yourself these questions:
  • ·         Am I happy with how I am choosing to live my life?
  • ·         Are the desires for the life I want being reflected in my surroundings?
  • ·         What is the worse that could happen if I made another choice?

I urge you to open yourself up to your TRUE self that is trying to get your attention, for it knows far more than you realise and it ALWAYS has your best interest at heart.


Friday, 17 May 2013

The Word of the Week - Opening to Love

When you embark upon changing the way that you think, there is one prerequisite that needs to be in place before you can really see a lasting change in your perception of the world.  In order to embrace the new, you first have to be willing to let go of the old.  This means you cannot fill a cup that is already full and what is required is a total system reboot of your mind.  Wiping clean your old definitions and meanings that have been built up through your life experiences in love.
The outside media would have you concentrate on the romantic element of love, but rarely show you how to sustain love once the heady stages of a relationship begins to change into something more meaningful. 
I am having to go back to the drawing board to question and understand what it really means to love? More importantly, how can I love myself enough to be able to love someone else?  I found myself looking to a passage in the Bible, which states:
Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud.  It does not dishonour others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth.  It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres."
I Corinthians  13:4
This is where I begin my journey to love; a reminder that love in its truest form is the most powerful force of the Universe.  I ask myself, how am I patient? Do I practice forgiveness? Can I trust what I say and do, and are my thoughts coming from the basis of love?  I had to admit that I really did not know love at all, but, I am willing to explore this issue and to delve deep within, to find the answers as to how I can learn to love myself and others unconditionally.
I invite you to look at what love means to you, moreover ask yourself the question" how much love do I shower upon myself that helps me create the FEELING of love?"  Is your self-talk kind, do you give yourself wonderful treats appreciating who you are?  Can you even tell yourself "I love you?"
If we are willing to look at our own individual fears to love and heal the pain of our past, we can embark upon a wondrous journey to knowing, honouring and most of all loving ourselves deeply.
So just for today, give yourself a healthy dose of self-love by saying or doing something wonderful for YOU.  For those who are not in the space to say something loving let me say this to you,
 "You are beautiful and loved. Thank you, for YOUR light blesses the world today."
Nameste and have a great weekend.

Friday, 10 May 2013

The Word of the Week - Discerning the Voices

There are two voices within each of us, that of the ego and that of our Soul.  These voices communicate with us through our conscious and subconscious thoughts.  To some degree, we are in conflict with these two points of view.  One voice is quiet and loving; it does not try to gain your attention or shout to make itself heard.  It speaks in simple language and it never attacks.  The other voice is aggressive and defensive.  It never speaks kindly about you or anyone else and it is very loud.  It almost feels like it is the more dominant of the two.  This voice can give you a feeling of hopelessness because as much as you desire to hear the quiet voice, your habits dictate that you most certainly engage with the voice of the ego.  To be clear, the voice of the ego keeps you separated from the voice of the Soul and from your fellow man.  It creates the dialogue that leads to the feelings of anger, despair, desperation, resentment, guilt and more importantly, it keeps you in a place of fear ALL the time.

I have mentioned the following quote "if you don't go within, you will go without," this means you have to learn to discern the voices.  Furthermore, you have a choice as to which voice you will listen.  As with all habits, persistence is the key in breaking them, however, and this is a key point here, only YOU can decide whether you have had enough of listening to the ego.  Only YOU can get so frustrated with what is not working in your life that you literally stamp your feet and shout “enough!”  Only when you reach the zenith of dissatisfaction regarding your perception of the world will you then be able to open up and begin to hear with more clarity the voice of your soul.

The ego (which in Latin means “I”) is the part of your psyche that experiences the outside world and reacts to it.  In order to heal the voice of the ego, you have to be willing and open to see the world through the perception of your soul.  Nothing outside of you will bring you happiness ad infinitum.  True happiness comes from within but it can only be experienced if you are willing to give up your attachment to the ego’s voice and its insane view of the world.

You have a wonderful internal teacher who waits for you to open your heart to his/her guidance.  Do something amazing, affirm, “I am willing to see this differently,” when the voice of the ego has you in its grip, this statement alone has to power to enable you to welcome everyday miracles into your life.

Have an amazing weekend.

Friday, 3 May 2013

The Word of the Week - Forgiveness (Part 2)

 Last week I spoke about forgiveness and wish to continue my dialogue as I believe it is a subject matter that catapult’s you from emotions such as guilt, despair, hopelessness, anxiety, sadness, fear, loneliness, anger  and resentment.

The only way to obtain peace in your heart and your mind is to practice forgiveness ALL the time.  However, one of the first areas that you need to look at as you begin this application, is in regards to your history!  Your life as you know it,  is a culmination of your upbringing, your schooling, your family, your work, your belief systems and your thoughts about your historical life which you use to determine who you are now.  Those thoughts are actually your projection into the future; in that what you have not forgiven, released and let go will follow you always, thus impeding your ability to be the CREATIVE being that you were destined to be.  Forgiveness is freedom, it frees your mind from the self-imposed shackles of which YOU  have the key to unlock.  Do you not desire freedom to be your true authentic self,  one who co-creates with the Universe and is the author as well as the architect of what you experience in your life? 
Whatever is in your life right now, YOU have attracted. Now this concept at first, does not seem to be an easy pill to swallow because your first statement could be “I did not attract this violent relationship into my life, or I did not attract these sort of circumstances into my life. No, no, no,” you cry,  “I reject that!” Trust me on this for now, as I will reveal the deeper meanings to this statement in my future writings, however in your subconscious mind; the part of the mind that upholds a belief system that your conscious mind may not even be aware of, holds your true thoughts about everything in your life and it is at the root of the problem one must go in order to illicit any change that becomes permanent.

So how do you forgive your past?  Now this part takes courage, for you have to be able to look at what has happened in your life, however painful the experience has been and offer forgiveness to those who were involved including yourself. 
The following affirmation helps you to open the block that you have created  that causes you to experience life as other than peaceful and loving. From the book A Course in Miracles one of the lessons states:
“Forgiveness offers me everything I want”

This affirmation coupled with the ones I mentioned last week, shifts your perception and your entire view of the world.  The power of affirmations allows you to make statements in the present tense so it can bring forth your inner guide and silence the voice of the ego, because let’s face it, how well has your ego served you.  Look at your life, if it is lacking in anyway then you know that your ego brought you there!

I leave you with one more quote with which to muse upon that I read in Conversations with God series.  It is by far my most used reminder to keep me in a state of peace and joy at least 80% of my day:-

“If I don’t go within, then I go without”

Have an internally blessed weekend.

Nameste (simply means that I bow to the divine in you) J