Saturday, 14 May 2011

Word of the Week - Life is for Living....So Live it!

Life is for living….so live it!!!

No-one knows better than me that you can sometimes get so caught up in your predicament that you actually forget to live!  We know there is a global crisis, we feel the pinch daily of rising fuel and food prices.  Money is earmarked for necessities, not for pleasure and the media just keep feeding us discouraging news; is it any wonder we bother to get up out of bed!!

So how many of you are pursuing your dreams, if you are, well done and good for you; if not what are waiting for?  Oh wait, let me guess, more money, more time, better health, too old, too scared, not worthy?  Making excuses gets you what….exactly, nothing!  Your dreams are put on hold; your life is a series of automated routines of grey with an odd burst of sunshine now and then.

That is not living, that is even less than existing.  You weren't put on this earth NOT to pursue your dreams, but to imagine and create the greatest and grandest vision of yourself.  Do you believe that this vision of yourself is only for the chosen few? No it is definitely for you and most certainly out there for me too!

So today, do SOMETHING; anything that takes you at least one step closer to that brilliant grand vision, do something that you really enjoy and put 100% effort into it.  If YOU can’t take the time to smile and do the things that you enjoy, just who do you think will?

Have an inspiring day 

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