Friday, 18 March 2011

The Word of the Week - A Touch of Kindness

There are times in your life where you feel that you need to stop right where you are and just be!  This is where I am in my life and I share this with you in the hope that others do not feel alone with what they are going through.  Generally, I am a very positive and optimistic soul but of late, I found it difficult just to get up in the morning, to feel inspired, to be grateful for a brand new day, or to see joy in my existence.  I ask myself "what lesson am I to learn from this?”  Well I have learned "no man is an island" and I have realised that I must ask so that it can be given!  In my grief I reached out to my closet friends and confided that I was indeed struggling with my lot, I was met with love, a kind word, and a listening ear.  I thank all those who have supported me (they know who they are) and most of all my mother who has made me the woman that I am!
A touch of kindness is all that is needed sometimes to help a person through a trying time; be it a kind word, a listening ear or advice.
However I must say, as today is Comic Relief Red Nose Day, it really puts into perspective how my own problems compare to those who don’t have a roof over their heads, money to eat or even proper sewage.
That does not mean I negate my own issues, it just lets me realise how lucky I am to be alive, with a lovely house, reliable utilities and home comforts.  These things I take for granted when I know others would be more than grateful for even half of what I have.  Therefore, I dry my tears, lift my shoulders, and stand firm because I am blessed to be in this body, blessed with this life and thankful to know that on this journey I am never alone!

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