Wednesday, 9 March 2011

What's your perspective?

Life is all about perspective, no matter what situation you are going through it is how YOU view it that determines the impact it has on your life. Some days are easier than others to have a positive slant on things; then there are days where everything is just so dark you can't even see a pinprick of light.  Yesterday as I flicked through the TV channels I stumbled upon a show entitled "wonders of the universe" which discussed the aspects of time and the effects on our solar system.  What was fascinating was there was a picture taken by Voyager 1 thirteen years ago of our planet from 6 billion kilometers away, it was just a tiny dot of light. (It is actually called the Pale blue dot, go on google it) How is that for perspective, if our planet is just this speck of light, a microcosm in this vast universe, how significant are our deemed problems that we ultimately create?  Besides really needing to get a life by watching such programs it has slapped me into the reality that in the midst of things do I really have anything to honestly worry about?  If our entire planet is just a dot of light, how significant to that fact is me losing weight or being depressed.  I think when you look at the bigger picture it helps you to readjust your focus and of course your view.  So as I eat more chocolate chip cookies each day, walk my 8000 steps and envisage a a slimmer me, I also remember that there is an infinite universe out there full of wonder and delights so get over myself!!! LOL xxxx I have included the link just for your enjoyment

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