Thursday, 24 February 2011

Day one

Well this will be the first of many posts (I hope) that charts my progress of "finding my way back to me" and hopefully be an inspiration to others by detailing my own trials and tribulations as well as my accomplishments and joys on this life journey.
I have also embarked upon the Paul Mckenna "I can make you slim" program as I have decided that I would like to have my fab 23 year old body back again and keep it!  I am at the fantastic age of 42 and I am sorry to say that things did indeed start going downhill at the age of 40, but I intend to reverse this process and be this vibrant hot chick that I used to be!  Well one can try  :-) and I am going to make a blooming good effort to do so.  Thus I am eating what I like, when I am hungry, stopping when I am full and listening to his cd's which are rather good I have to say; so in tandem with finding myself I will be losing weight....I dearly hope so anyway!
Furthermore I intend to also have a relationship with someone other than myself and yes I am speaking about the opposite sex.  I have been on my own and healing from my divorce for nearly 5 years now and have decided enough is enough.  Where is the hard bodied, good looking, intelligent, fine hunk of gorgeousness that ignites my soul?  If anyone knows where he is just point him in my direction as I have put up my antena that is trasmitting my pheremones just for him LOL!
As this is my very first blog and I have absolutely no idea on what the heck I am doing, please be patient with how my page looks, I am sure it will get better as I move on, but in the all have a wonderful day x

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