Friday, 15 April 2011

Work of the Week- A burst of positive energy

Today I want to give you all a huge burst of positive energy that changes your "I can't" to “I definitely can!"

Each morning I wake up with a saying that I read in the book “Positive Thinking” by Vera Peiffer and I pass it on to you, as it has shifted my energy enormously.

“Today is a wonderful day full of lovely surprises for me.  I am very lucky and I attract good luck like a big magnet!”

I have stuck this to my bathroom mirror and repeat its words over and over in my head whilst brushing my teeth.  Words have an energy behind them that actually changes your feeling.  You start with an intangible; the thought to the tangible; the feeling!  Now it is easy to just think positively but if your feelings do not match then you are out of sync and generally you will feel as if you are lying to yourself. 
When you choose your intention first thing in the morning as to how you wish your day to proceed you are indeed working with the universal Law of Attraction. However you may be tested on that intention but it is how you choose to react to people and circumstances that will determine whether or not your original intention will carry you through the day.
Each day with practice you can chip away at your old level of thinking and replace it with new, fresh and vibrant thoughts that just energise you! 
If it is a cloudy day and changes your mood say to yourself “ it’s a beautiful day,”  why because you are alive and you are definitely special.  You can create and be whomever you wish to be today, forget about yesterday and don’t worry about tomorrow.  Each day you get to start again, you get to wipe the slate clean and reinvent YOU all over again.  How great is that?
So seize the day and make a concerted effort to revitalise your “I cannot” to a resounding I can!!
Peace and blessings

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