Friday, 30 May 2014

The Word of the Week - Learning to Trust

I Trust the divine wisdom that comes from within ME and know that this guidance leads me to my greater good.

Learning to trust implicitly the guiding voice within you became an interesting aspect for me to overcome.  The first hurdle was to recognise which voice in my head was my Inner Guide and then I had to learn to trust it’s guidance.  As with anything, taking small baby steps when embarking upon anything new helps to reform a brand-new habit that replaces the old.  I did test this voice on many occasions and deemed the guidance to be a fraud, as essentially, what I thought it was saying to me as to regards a question I would pose would prove to be untrue.  It took me a very long time before I could reopen myself to this process because I could not trust either of the voices I heard in my head.  In hindsight, I realised that I was at the behest of my ego on all the occasions I had attempted to discern the voice and the reason I can say this now is because I truly KNOW the voice of my Inner Guide and continue to make this relationship my first and foremost.

In Dr Wayne Dyer’s book Excuses Begone, he extols that we take the time to seek that place within us where no doubt can enter, a place where only love exists and to keep this place and the relationship sacred.  I had often read about this wonderful place within from many authors and I longed to have such a connection where I could trust implicitly and become doubt free.  It was this impetus, this yearning, that made me determined to find this voice and to do whatever I had to do in order to make it a reality.  With the practice of daily meditation I learned to quiet ALL the voices in my mind into blissful silence.  After a period of stillness and the formation of a new habit, all of a sudden the voice I heard and the conversations that I began to have literally lifted my heart and gave me butterflies. 

To trust the voice within you first must silence all others because the ego has a penchant for being an imposter to a susceptible mind.  Meditation enables your mind to withstand the machinations of the ego because the associated feelings you get from this voice lets you know it is NOT the right guidance. You learn to reconnect with your true feelings when you still the mind.  The world as we know it has programmed you to trust the head and not the heart, however both of these aspects can work in unison, you just need to find the route back to your heart centre and relearn how to feel. 
The book A Course in Miracles states that we act from two thought forms, either out of love or fear.  When you embark upon trusting the voice within, you eventually learn to quieten the voice of fear.  This is an ongoing process of which I work at every single day but the rewards are phenomenal, even when I do mess up, have a tantrum or act unlovingly, I can always return to my place of peace and readjust my mind set by conversing with my Higher Self.  Not only do I  trust its guidance but more importantly I follow it without delay.

Just for today, be aware of your thoughts, interactions and reactions to people in your sphere, in any situation where you might act unlovingly to yourself or others. Quietly ask yourself the question “Am I coming from a place of love or fear?”  Then take a pause to discern a response.  You may or may not get an answer straight away but what you do get is a space in between your thought processes that has the potential for you to start the reconnection to your Soul.

I leave you with a quote and my way of honouring a literary giant to me who passed over this week, may her soul rest in peace.

“Listen to yourself and in that quietude you might hear the voice of God.”
Maya Angelou
4th April 1928- 28th May 2014


Friday, 23 May 2014

The Word of the Week - Practice makes perfect

I value myself enough to make the sustained effort required
to change my thoughts and enable my growth.

The most important lesson that I have learned on this journey to live from my authentic self, is that I have to practice relentlessly what I preach.  All internal changes that you make require an effort on your part.  Just as a child learns their times table by practising them by rote, we must also ritualise a new way of thinking in order to shed the old.

It amazes me that when one embarks upon a road to develop themselves, they throw in the towel at the first sign of difficulty using the excuse that, “It is too hard,” or lament, “I can’t change the way that I am.”  It is as if they do not value themselves enough to be willing to put in the sustained effort required, to make the necessary changes to the thought patterns of their lives.  This highlights to me how much the human family has moved away from its intrinsic nature and has become other than itself.

 Are you not worthy of the time and the effort it takes to make the changes in your life?

To overcome this particular hurdle - where I too lamented that it was too hard to sustain the effort of affirmations and retraining my mind to think from the perspective of my Source - I would ask myself this question, “Has your way of doing things given you the results that you desired?”  I could not answer this question with other than a resounding “No.” This pragmatic answer enabled me to push through my perceived failures in my development and become determinedly focused upon the voice of my higher self.
Yes, the feeling may be uncomfortable when you decide to change your thought pattern and replace it with the new, but after difficulty MUST come ease, so keep on pushing through.  When you fall back to your old way of thinking, do not admonish yourself and fill your mind with self-pity, keep on moving forward because mastery comes about through repeated practice.

“Our greatest glory is not in never failing but rising every time we fall.”

Every time that I stumbled and fell back into my old patterns I would do everything that I could to get right back on track because I knew beyond my blocks was a place of peace, joy and happiness.

Just for today, know that you are stronger than you think and keep rising after a fall because there IS a world of peace and love that is calling for you just beyond your horizon.


Friday, 16 May 2014

The Word of the Week - Be Present

I am present in all that I do and become aware that I ultimately hold the keys to my creative abilities by enjoying each moment of my day.

As I continue to remind myself of the art of being present in every moment, I am pleasantly surprised that in doing so I end up more in control by actually surrendering my controlling nature.  This paradox is that if I surrender control of the moment and flow with the “is-ness” of life I can then remain in control because I allow whatever to transpire naturally, without judgement and trust implicitly that everything transpires for my greater good.  These freedoms to allow life to be as it is, to remain aware of your source energy and accepting of the now, enables you to create your future in that present moment.

Paraphrasing the words of Leo Tolstoy, he asks us to “Remember then there is only one time that is important and that is NOW.  It is important because it is the only time that we have POWER.”
Just let these words marinate for a moment.  When you think of the past, the past only occurred in a now moment that has now become the past.  When you think of your future, you only do so in your now moment.  If this is where we have the most creative power, would it not be wise to choose what you actually think about in your now moment?  You could choose in this moment not to automate your day as just another day, doing the same things in a repetitive fashion.  You could choose to see this moment for what it is, with a sense of awe and wonder, capturing every second as brand new.  Your travel into work was different from yesterday because the other cars travelling with you are new, the air you breathe today has a different mix of components than that you had yesterday, and your encounters with people are different from yesterday because each person is renewed. 

When you approach your world with awe and wonder, a fabulous sense of gratitude follows quickly upon its heels.  You appreciate the smallest of things, each encounter, every word you utter, every acknowledgement you receive and in doing so you give yourself permission to BE in that present moment with love, gratitude and appreciation.  This allows you to get out of your head and into the now.  Take the mundane and make it fabulous.  You are not the same person you were in the last five minutes that you took in reading this nor will you be the same person in the next five minutes. This is where your creative power lays, the art to choose in each moment and the power to be able to choose again.

Today I humbly ask you to appreciate the NOW of your life.  Be grateful for the air that you breathe, the interactions you make, the support of the services that you use (internet included), your family, and your loved ones.

The gift of life truly lies in this pre-sent moment, so ENJOY!


Friday, 2 May 2014

The Word of the Week - Imagination is greater than knowledge!

My imagination is the creative force that connects me to the divine.
It is here that I learn to believe, with conviction, in my desires and allow the Universe
to bring to me, without effort, my wishes fulfilled.

Albert Einstein was spot on in his quote that “Imagination is greater than knowledge” and it has taken me a while to realise the truth of his words.  Whilst knowledge opens your mind to wisdom and understanding, your imagination is the true key, which fuels the latent creative abilities that reside in each and every one of us.  Just consider this for a moment.  It was in the imagination of man/woman that brought to fruition, space travel, smart phones, stem cell research and currently the possibility of actual avatars.  If you can imagine a thing….you can indeed create it.  This is what Einstein meant, when you close your eyes to the world that you see and go into the stillness of your mind, it is here that you create a world of your desires, it is here where the seemingly impossible becomes possible, it is here where the “I can’t” becomes the “I can.”  This is the spiritual law of attraction.

“To see things in the seed, that is genius.”
Lao Tzu

When you sow a seed into the ground, contained in that seed is everything that is required to enable a plant to grow.  This seed can be very small and it is placed in the darkness of the soil.  Contained in the soil is the necessary components that encourage the seed to sprout and grow.  You cannot hurry this process, you only trust and know that what needs to take place will take place in its own time.  With water and sunlight, this tiny seed pushes through the soil and starts to grow. This analogy explains when you still your mind (the darkness of the soil) and plant the seed of your desires by visualising that which you desire to become, you then create a feeling (the components of the soil) that matches your desires.  You imagine what it feels like to be the person you want to become or have the comforts that you desire for yourself.  You regularly visit this darkness and water it with your feelings of imagining that you have that which you desire.  You then give it light by believing with conviction that it is yours, until one day and without effort, the seed (your desire) starts to grow.  In your belief, you replace all thoughts of doubt with a conviction that you have or are already what you want.

This is the key to creation.  In every present moment, you have the ability, the wherewithal and the power to create anything that you imagine by rejecting your current circumstances and focusing totally upon your desires.  This is why the mind is the most powerful tool in the universe.

“Whatever the mind can conceive and believe the mind can achieve.”
                Napoleon Hill
Just for today, embrace your power, close your eyes and feed your imagination.  We are here to create, so let US create!