Friday, 8 April 2011

Word of the Week - Trying to find the light

When I write the word of the week, it is based upon what I think someone who is in a positive light would say to me in an effort for me to change my current thinking and perspective.  I write it as if I am talking to myself and often times looking back over what I have written tells me it is the greater part of me that writes this and not the mere mortal!

For the past few weeks I have personally been shrouded in darkness, dark thoughts, dark actions and a sense of hopelessness.  Even being a person of such high optimism there comes a time when an experience challenges you so much that you feel as if you have failed in your task.

I could not write, for all the words were tinged with anger and resentment at my predicament; having so much responsibility upon my shoulders that I was finding it increasingly difficult to bear.

So I started researching what vitamins that could help me, what natural oils I could use on my skin, what crystals I needed to wear and of course a good dose of Reiki healing on myself.

When you reach burn out, your body is literally out of sync with your mind and this is when physical illnesses start to manifest. I was trying to stave off this part of the cycle because I could not afford to be physically ill as well as mentally. 

So why am I telling you this, well I thought with all that I had learned, the vast amount of books I had read and with other tools at my disposal that I was finally immune to sadness, loss and depression.  I realised that as with everything in nature I too have a personal season and this season was much more challenging than I anticipated!
However, being the person that I am I will continue to try and step into the light any moment that I can; I will be gentle with myself when I feel I just cannot give anymore and I will not feel guilty about it either.

So when you have reached a point in your life when you think “you should know by now,” take this as a sign that a huge blessing is about to manifest in your life as long as you hold fast and not succumb to the recesses of your mind.

I continue, with albeit fragile steps, moving forward in my quest in finding my way back to me.

Peace and blessings

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