Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Day Six

Today I am not going to focus on my weight.  Today I am going to be kind to me! I am going to love myself exactly as I am.  A beautiful vibrant human being.  I am going to do things that enjoy and if that means stuffing chocolate down my face then so be it LOL!  But seriously, my self talk today is going to be one of inspiration, one of praise for who I am right at this very moment.  I am going to tell myself that I LOVE YOU and not wait for anyone else to say those three words, because if I cannot love myself how can I possibly expect anyone else to.  I am going to sing my praises today and be grateful for the life that I am living right here right now.  I am not going to catapault my thoughts into the future nor review my past.  I will make a concious effort to be in the present even if it is out of my comfort zone I choose to just BE today.
On this journey I have read countless of books to urge me on my way, to help keep my thoughts focused and as a source of comfort when I have had no-one physically around.  Today I say to you, learn to just be and let all that is to unfold in you life do so without resistance on your part.  Have a great day xxxx

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