Friday, 25 February 2011

Day Two

I must say that the hypnosis element of Paul Mckenna's CD's are quite relaxing and have helped me to literally think myself thin.  It is when I open my eyes and look in the mirror that the reality strikes as my eyes travel to my gut and not to the flat stomach I envisaged LOL!  However I am plodding on with this even having eaten five yes five slices of Dominoes pizza last night, as I got in too late from the monthly shop to be even remotely bothered with cooking.  Did I feel guilty, hell to the no, I enjoyed every mouthful, I ate slowly until I was full then I stopped!
I am feeling hopeful though at taking these steps to becoming an improved me.  Spring is in the air and there is an energy of trepidation and excitement that something wonderful is going to happen.  Sometimes you get so consumed in what is going on in your life you literally forget to live!  You miss what is going on around you and travel as if on auto pilot. So I have to remind myself to stop and see what is going on around me, look for the first signs of spring, the daffodils, the buds on the trees and more sunshine.
Well that's it for today, though I must say I am having a blast doing this even though it is only me reading this blog, but I am not bothered, it is new, it is fun and I am seizing the day! :-)

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