Friday, 24 June 2016

You are what you think

I am affected only by my thoughts

This is one of the lessons from A Course in Miracles workbook that I had been drawn to read repeatedly this week and led me to ask the question, “How many of you really take stock of your thoughts and more importantly how  do those thoughts affect you?”

When you live your life on auto pilot by not noticing how your thoughts dictate your reaction to others or by being unaware of the vocabulary you use when you make a statement about yourself, this can lead you to believe that things outside of yourself is the true cause of your angst or worry.  Yet in truth, it is just the thoughts we have and the story we attach to it that determines our feelings and interactions.

If we go blindly through life without taking responsibility for our thoughts, not realising that it is our own thinking that determines the quality of our life, then the default status will always be one of continually looking outside rather than within.  Neale Donald Walsch has a fabulous quote in his book Conversations with God that states, “If you don’t go within, you go without,” and this is so true.  Do you take time to review if a thought you have is actually TRUE for you.  We can have thoughts on guilt, worry, shame, victimhood, all of which are just useful invitations for us to go within and choose again.

Ultimately, you have the choice to decide how you feel in any moment of your life, irrespective of what is going on in our physical reality and our thoughts are absolutely powerful but we fail to recognise that we hold this power every moment that we take a breath.

Just for today, notice your thoughts, especially those that disempower or make you feel less than yourself.  Once you notice you can then ask the question “Can I view this situation differently?”  This one enquiry opens a dialogue that allows another perspective to enter, one that brings a gift that is only for your highest good.  The above affirmation is a wonderful reminder to keep checking in with yourself that it is only YOUR thoughts that affect how you feel.

Have an introspective weekend.


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