Friday, 17 June 2016

Let it Go

I let go of old habits and thought patterns that no longer serve me

In order for something new to appear in your life be it a new relationship, a new attitude or new job you need to make room for it by having to let something go.  This could mean letting go of outdated attitudes, letting go of past hurts and physically letting go of items that you no longer need.  I am a typical hoarder and have to be very stern with myself when I want to throw things out.  When I attempt to clear out clothes in my closet I would always procrastinate over items believing that I may wear it again knowing full well that I if I had not worn it in over a year I am pretty sure I will never wear it!  So I get really tough and tell myself that I am making room to buy something better and off to the charity shop it goes!

The decluttering also needs to occur with our mind stuff.  We hold on to and replay negative situations that have occurred in our lives that are so far in the past they ought to have been deleted from your memory banks years ago.  Yet we continue to recall them; feel the old pain, and torment not only ourselves but anyone else who was a party to that memory. 


Why burden yourself with something that does not empower you but only serves to weaken you?  The next time you have a memory recall that causes you to judge someone else, ask yourself the question “Does this memory serve my highest good?”  You might even be surprised that you no longer associate any pain towards a memory and you can indeed release it for good.

Just for today take time to look at old behaviours, old attitudes, old habits and items around your home and let go of everything that no longer serves you.

Have a clutter free weekend.


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