Friday, 8 July 2016




Do you find that if your energy is directed towards someone with whom you hold resentment, that it limits you from fully engaging with that person on an authentic level?  Are you resentful of anyone in your life and if so do you interact with them from that place of resentment? 
Every emotion emits an energy, either gross or subtle.   Even though you might  not be able to see if a person is angry with you because they have means of masking their emotions, you will still feel that subtle energy in the atmosphere irrespective if its outwardly acknowledged or not.

When you are resentful towards another person, you create a barrier between you and that person by orchestrating some sort of blame towards him or her.  However, if you remember that you and only you have the ultimate choice and power to both change your perspective of that person and thus choose a higher vibrational emotion towards them.  This means the responsibility lies with you, not them.  You have created the story around the situation, you have then decided upon an emotional response and you have to be responsible for the energy that you emit which affects others.
Taking full and total responsibility for how you feel is an important step in creating more peace and harmony in your life.  A lesson from A Course in Miracles asks that in these situations you can affirm “I could see peace instead of this,” and it is right, you CAN choose peace, most often than not we decide not too because we prefer our projection onto others than shouldering the responsibility for our own thoughts and feelings.

In the opening affirmation, it states, “I am motivated by love.” To be motivated by love means to lean towards the many attributes of love, which are kindness, compassion, peace, selflessness and harmony. 

Just for today, release the story you have told yourself about any resentment you hold against another and seek a higher vibration of love and responsibility so that your journey becomes less fractious and more peaceful.

Have a harmonious weekend


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