Friday, 10 June 2016

Honoring your body

When I honor the communication with my body, I give myself permission to lovingly take care of my needs.

Do you push yourself too hard to a point that you end up causing physical damage?  Do you effectively heed the communication signals your body transmits that advises you are over exerting and that you need to stop?
We often ignore the subtle communication between our body and the self to our detriment, that can result in a physical manifestation of illness and ailments in our bodies.  I hold my hand up high to this because I often push my body beyond its limits when it clearly is screaming for me to stop, resulting in injuring myself, like I did yesterday when building my son’s new bed.  I could feel my back protesting as I embarked on the process, yet I felt powerless to stop by telling myself, if I don’t do it who will?

I asked myself this morning, how can I make myself feel better?  Rather than berating myself as would have been my default set point many years ago, my answer was to lovingly take care of myself today by being kind to me. I refused to allow guilt or victim-hood to start a mind dialogue that would result in total inaction but instead accepted my error and decided to move on by helping myself immediately by doing better the next time it happens!

Having a relationship with your self is the most IMPORTANT relationship that you can have.  When we ignore the signs and signals our body gives to us by justifying reasons to keep pushing forward we are in fact not honoring this powerful relationship.

Just for today – with love and kindness , honor the messages your body gives to you, because in truth, your happiness depends upon it.

Have a loving weekend.


 ©Carol Reid 2016

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