Friday, 29 July 2016

Let Peace Be Your Intention.

I invite peace to flow into my life and into all of my interactions.

 Have you ever had one of those days where you feel the world is out to get you and that plans you have made are scuppered, causing you to become out of alignment with your higher self?  This USED to be me, when anything went “wrong” in my life I felt it was the world, the Universe or forces outside of my control trying to get me and I would affirm “Nothing ever goes right for me?”   First, I would like to draw your attention to what you have read.  Not only did I make the error of thinking something outside of myself was the cause of my disillusionment, I affirmed my disappointment by actively speaking into existence that which brought me more of the same. 

Your thoughts become words; become actions; becomes your LIFE.  What is the first thread here it is your thoughts!  Go to the root cause, change the way you think, and then change the language that you use, then your action will follow your words.  Mahatma Gandhi was right in the above quote; I changed my thoughts to an intention of Peace in all of my interactions.  I then tried to practice from this place of intention rather than go the default setting of disempowerment.  Even though at times I was challenged and my peace was disturbed, instead of berating myself I would not make an issue out of it.  I would pick myself up and wait for another opportunity to present itself so that I could do better.

Where are you out of alignment?  Are your thoughts and words in harmony?

When you become aware and present in the very powerful moment of the NOW you are able to discern if you are out of alignment by noticing how you feel.  If you are off centre, you can make an inquiry as to what it is that you are thinking that is causing the misalignment and decide to CHOOSE again.

Just for today, make your thoughts, your words and your actions to become harmonious, because then, you not only become a beacon of peace for yourself, but your energy also affects others.

Have a peaceful weekend.


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