Friday, 27 May 2016

Raising your Vibration

In learning to embrace the new, I let go of all that no longer serves me.

As you grow and develop from the experiences you have in life, both from your relationships as well as releasing old habitual behaviours, you enter a period of transition, which can feel quite challenging as you calibrate to this new energy.   You may find yourself releasing people and situations that do not embrace your growth, but rather confine and restrict you.  When you want to expand your consciousness, it is inevitable that people will fall away from your inner circle as you make way to attract those who are transmitting at your higher frequency vibration.

Animate and inanimate objects both emit a vibrational energy and when you have raised yours sufficiently through a practice of the right thinking, the right diet and limiting your exposure to people who are either negative, judgemental or rigid in their view;  you naturally gravitate to higher frequency people and situations.  You find yourself questioning the relationships that you once had and realise that you no longer share the same views.  This is perfectly okay, even in its discomfort because you have embraced  this new energy. You love feeling this new high and anyone or anything that tries to bring you down, you effectively remove or shield yourself from it.

It is challenging to release old habits and relationships but life is fluid, forever expanding and in order to live fully in your present moment you must honour what it is that you feel. Regardless at how uncomfortable or scary it becomes, because the ego likes familiar, it likes safety and especially likes limited beliefs!  High vibrational beings prefer to let go of limitations because in their world, there are none.

Just for today, look at your life and ask yourself the question, “What no longer serves me?” Be open to the responses that you get from your heart centre and have the courage to  release anything in your life that tries to lower your frequency.

Have a high vibing weekend.



  1. This is exactly where I am on my inner journey. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Always a pleasure. Namaste x

  3. Thank you, very helpful. Love it.