Friday, 20 May 2016

Loving All that is


I allow love to open my heart and guide me through my everyday experiences

Wayne Dyer was famous for saying when you change the way you look at something what you look at changes and he is right.  How do you view your everyday interactions and experiences?  How do you react to negative experiences in your life?  Do you view your world from a pessimistic attitude
 of lack; of what you have as not being enough, or of not being the way you thought things would appear or occur in your life?

This is how we place limitations on the magnificence of who you are.  You end up being closed to the endless possibilities of what life has to offer for you.  This week I felt disappointed in an outcome that I really wanted and never got.  I had to own my disappointment and take time to sift through the negativity to find the positive in the situation and I was only able to do that by changing my perspective as to how I viewed the circumstance.  (Well a  little glass of vino and a chat to a trusted friend and my son did help with the shift).

Whatever we focus our attention upon we literally give momentum too, and this will draw to you, by the influence of the law of attraction, more of what it is that you focus upon.  If you view your experiences from a place of love; from a place of equanimity, your walk in your life would be less fractious and more rewarding.

Just for today, embrace loving all that is, that simply means love each experience you have without judgement but with an openness that in a dark moment you will always find light.  I found light in my disappointment in that it opened the door to something much better than I thought was not possible.    Look for and find the beauty in ALL of your experiences.

Have a loving weekend
©Carol Reid 2016

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