Friday, 30 May 2014

The Word of the Week - Learning to Trust

I Trust the divine wisdom that comes from within ME and know that this guidance leads me to my greater good.

Learning to trust implicitly the guiding voice within you became an interesting aspect for me to overcome.  The first hurdle was to recognise which voice in my head was my Inner Guide and then I had to learn to trust it’s guidance.  As with anything, taking small baby steps when embarking upon anything new helps to reform a brand-new habit that replaces the old.  I did test this voice on many occasions and deemed the guidance to be a fraud, as essentially, what I thought it was saying to me as to regards a question I would pose would prove to be untrue.  It took me a very long time before I could reopen myself to this process because I could not trust either of the voices I heard in my head.  In hindsight, I realised that I was at the behest of my ego on all the occasions I had attempted to discern the voice and the reason I can say this now is because I truly KNOW the voice of my Inner Guide and continue to make this relationship my first and foremost.

In Dr Wayne Dyer’s book Excuses Begone, he extols that we take the time to seek that place within us where no doubt can enter, a place where only love exists and to keep this place and the relationship sacred.  I had often read about this wonderful place within from many authors and I longed to have such a connection where I could trust implicitly and become doubt free.  It was this impetus, this yearning, that made me determined to find this voice and to do whatever I had to do in order to make it a reality.  With the practice of daily meditation I learned to quiet ALL the voices in my mind into blissful silence.  After a period of stillness and the formation of a new habit, all of a sudden the voice I heard and the conversations that I began to have literally lifted my heart and gave me butterflies. 

To trust the voice within you first must silence all others because the ego has a penchant for being an imposter to a susceptible mind.  Meditation enables your mind to withstand the machinations of the ego because the associated feelings you get from this voice lets you know it is NOT the right guidance. You learn to reconnect with your true feelings when you still the mind.  The world as we know it has programmed you to trust the head and not the heart, however both of these aspects can work in unison, you just need to find the route back to your heart centre and relearn how to feel. 
The book A Course in Miracles states that we act from two thought forms, either out of love or fear.  When you embark upon trusting the voice within, you eventually learn to quieten the voice of fear.  This is an ongoing process of which I work at every single day but the rewards are phenomenal, even when I do mess up, have a tantrum or act unlovingly, I can always return to my place of peace and readjust my mind set by conversing with my Higher Self.  Not only do I  trust its guidance but more importantly I follow it without delay.

Just for today, be aware of your thoughts, interactions and reactions to people in your sphere, in any situation where you might act unlovingly to yourself or others. Quietly ask yourself the question “Am I coming from a place of love or fear?”  Then take a pause to discern a response.  You may or may not get an answer straight away but what you do get is a space in between your thought processes that has the potential for you to start the reconnection to your Soul.

I leave you with a quote and my way of honouring a literary giant to me who passed over this week, may her soul rest in peace.

“Listen to yourself and in that quietude you might hear the voice of God.”
Maya Angelou
4th April 1928- 28th May 2014


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