Friday, 20 December 2013

The Word of the Week - Love and Gratitude

As this will be the last WOW for the year I will be honest with you that I struggled for a theme, as I had far too many that I wished to share!  They ranged from my research into philosophy and why it is an important part of our existence to think and ponder deeply upon life as we know it; understanding  the purpose of keeping your mind active by acquiring knowledge that enriches your being and the significance of the Winter Solstice and the various traditions that are linked to it.  Knowledge is a beautiful thing! (Smile)
However, my heart was moved to end this year with one of love and gratitude.

A good practice that enriches the soul is to make time in remembering what we are grateful for every day.  This is easily overlooked when our attention is focused upon some drama or another that is occurring in our world but this exercise is a gentle nudge that allows us to focus upon the present moment and not live in the past or the imagined future.  Being grateful by saying thank you before you arise out of bed especially when you do not wish to face the day, changes your energy before your feet hit the floor. 

On the days where I do not feel like getting up or going to work and my thought processes start bemoaning the drudgery of life all before I have even opened my eyes, I literally say in my head “stop,” and just say thank you to my bed.  I know you may think I am a loon here but trust me, I love my bed and when I put my attention to how comfortable it is, how my duvet keeps me warm, how it is soft and luscious, I cannot help but smile and snuggle further into the sheets in bliss and gratitude.  Moreover, I remind myself quickly that I will be back to snuggle again in no time at all thus changing my attitude from one of misery to one of joy and expectation.  I also spare a thought to those who do not have the luxury of a comfortable bed and thus add humility to my gratitude.
The point here is to NOTICE the wonderful little pleasures that we take for granted and use them to shift our vibration and our energy to its natural and highest form. 

Therefore, during this festive season, whether you are celebrating with family or on your own, look at what you do have in your life and not at what you don’t.  Be thankful for every relationship that you have had this year, even those that have been difficult for you because ultimately there was a lesson to be learned.  Appreciate those closest to you who put up with your mood swings, both your highs and low and look at how YOU can do better in the New Year.
Most of all look at your reflection in the mirror and be thankful to your-SELF.  Appreciate your body that has been the wonderful vessel with which you communicate.  Even if it is showing more signs of wear and tear, say thank you for its sustenance.  Remember thoughts and words have energy and vibrations that change the molecular structure of your DNA so if you have thoughts of appreciation for your body, your body will in turn appreciate the spirit within.

May this festive season bring you more love, peace and joy into your hearts.
May you be blessed with abundance and prosperity.
May your spirit expand its loving kindness to all.
And may you realise your potential in the coming New Year.

Thank you for giving me this forum and I appreciate your individual light and the significance that you bring to this world.


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