Friday, 13 December 2013

The Word of the Week - I AM

There is a wonderful quote from the author and Minister Joel Osteen that I wish to share with you:
“Whatever follows “I AM” is going to come looking for you”

I needed this reminder today because we inadvertently make statements about ourselves forgetting that words have creative energy and power.  It is important to master the art of mindfulness because we have to be extremely cognizant of each word that we use to describe ourselves, as they will become a self-fulfilling prophecy. 

When we arise in the morning and began our day with the statement “I am so tired,” tiredness will come looking for you; when you tell yourself “I am so fat”, well calories will definitely start blessing those parts you wish they would not.  However, if you look at your reflection in the mirror and say “I am beautiful” then that is exactly what you will see staring back at you because it all begins with the WORD.  Once you affirm the words repeatedly, your feelings will then start to align with those words and the Universe has no other choice but to make it your reality. 
We have an awesome creative gift at our disposal, that if used correctly it has the power to change not just the individual but also the world in which we live.
Why are we so quick to put ourselves and sometimes others down?  I have to remind myself daily to change what I say to myself and to my children because even in jest I realise that my words when said about another has as much weight as if I say it to myself. This is a big challenge for me but as I am so desirous of change, I am confident that I will succeed.  

 I would like you to recall all the “I am” declarations that you have made recently, especially those that were self-deprecating and now replace them with words that carry a higher vibration and energy such as:

I am Wonderful
I am Healthy
I am a Masterpiece
I am blessed
I am Lovable and Loved

Just for today, give the gift of love to yourself by practising even more wonderful “I am” statements and then watch the miracles appear  in your life.

Have a blissful weekend.


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