Friday, 5 July 2013

The Word of the Week - Fears

When it comes to moving from an experience that we no longer desire to a new one, I notice that in some people there seems to be resistance to this change.  There is a sense of inertia and apathy to their circumstances justifying the “I can’t do anything about my life so why bother,” statements! 
Why do you think we are so resistant to saving ourselves from the mental turmoil that we inflict on a daily basis?  Why wouldn’t we do all that we can and put in the necessary work so that we can enjoy life by living through an experience rather than battling and struggling against the flow of life?
This morning I contemplated in what way I resist against the flow of life and what were the reasons that I created in my mind that cause me to do so?  When I was able to dig through all the crud of excuses that was justifying the reasons why I was in such a bad mood this morning, I realised that ultimately ALL of my issues can be traced to one cause and one cause only.  That is fear!
This morning it was a fear of lack.  I became angry at the world and how unsupportive that it felt to me, how I was absolutely fed up with not getting what I wanted in the speed that I wanted it and proverbially stamped my foot in the frustration that I held at life.  I didn’t want to listen to the voice that told me, be patient, everything happens in the right time and that I have absolutely everything that I need right here and now.  No I was in the grip of my petulant ego who was furiously throwing all of its toys out of the pram!

I chuckle as I write this because I watched myself act out this tantrum, I observed myself without judgement and waited for the moment to past.  After I vented my frustrations in my journal I closed my eyes and simply said “show me another way to see this.”  I took a few deep breaths and repeated this statement with every out breath I took and this was my reply:

“The sun is shining today as a reminder of the light that is in YOU, is a reflection of the light in others.  Why on Earth would you want to stand in darkness when there is so much light around you?
You are created perfect, whole and complete.  You are fully supported by the Universe and your needs are Always met.  Embrace the beauty of this day, marvel in it, look at nature and recognise the oneness in all things.  There is nothing to fear, for love carries upon its wings the truth and truth always diminishes falsehood.  There is no lack. Only your ego’s thoughts about lack which are not based in truth. 
Feel your fear, feel your anger, feel your frustration.  Honour those feelings by really looking at them and they will disappear as you welcome the light of this moment.
For in this present moment there is absolutely nothing wrong with your life and you have nothing to fear.”

This my dear friends is the awesome power of meditation.  My inner guide reminded me that how I think has an impact upon everyone because we ALL have the same inner light and are part of the great one of creation.  It reminded me that in the past where I have had the same fears they were unfounded because everything turned out just fine.  It reminded me that if I lean to what is true, that which is not disappears.  It reminded me to be in the present and not project my fears into the future.

I share this with you in the hope that when you have fears that rise up in you at any given moment in your life,  instead of struggling, or fighting the fear, turn it over to your wonderful inner guide who speaks to you when you learn to quiet the incessant panic and chattering of the ego.  I know I was supposed to write about the benefits of meditation, of which there are many, however it seems that my spirit was moved to give you a live example instead.

Have a glorious weekend.

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