Friday, 28 June 2013

The Word of the Week - Meditation

This morning as I pondered as to what I would write today, I was guided to discuss the most important factor of my tool kit that keeps me peaceful, happy and centred, which is that of meditation.  Now what I am about to say is without apology whatsoever and I stand by this statement forever.  In the quest to becoming a more joyful, happy and confident being you have to meditate. I know this statement comes off as a bit strong, as in most of my writings, I try to lead you gently to think and act in an alternative way to what you believe is your nature, but on this point, the edict is necessary.

 In my experience on this journey to my big self, I used to meditate every morning without fail. Very simply I would put a piece of relaxing music on my iPod and did what is termed as “sitting in the power.”  I would just quiet my mind, focus on my breathing and listen to the music.  That was it, I would have thoughts flowing in and out, usually about the things that I had to do that day or matters that were a concern to me.  Sometimes, I would slip up and create a dialogue with the offending thought, but I would catch myself and remember to focus upon my breathing and the thought would go away.  This meditation would last for the duration of the track that I had selected, usually for five minutes and then I would open my eyes and continue with my day.  Sadly, I stopped this practice and at the same time aborted the good progress I was making. 

 In hindsight, I now realise that this was truly the source of my power and I now meditate regularly, both in the morning and in the evening, sometimes more.  I would interchange between guided meditations, or just sit in the power.  I also pray during these times and open up myself for guidance from my higher self by just stilling my mind.  Further, I set my intention for the day too with an affirmation from one of my teachers (as all the authors that move me are my teachers), Doreen Virtue.  In her book, Daily Guidance from your Angels, I use the following affirmation every morning without fail and I will tell you emphatically that I have had not one bad day by doing this.  I am at least 70% happy every day and this is my wish for you too, actually, I wish 100% happiness for you each day.

 “I send love into the hours that lie before me, and I saturate the entire day with great joy.  Every moment is overflowing with love, harmony and cooperation.”

 When I say this each morning and without any effort on my part, I actually enjoy my day and my interactions, even when I have a little bit of road rage, which nowadays is very fleeting.  There are countless benefits to meditation, which I will go into detail next week, but for now do your big self the honour by trying to sit in the power this weekend for five minutes after you arise in the morning, say the above affirmation after you meditate and just go about your day. 

 The phrase, “Rome was not built in a day,” comes to mind here, however, the subtle shifts that you make in your daily practices will build you a foundation so strong that nothing outside of yourself will shake your centre. 

 So sit in YOUR power and shine your light!


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