Friday, 21 June 2013

The Word of the Week - Love and Kindness part 2 - Change your story

You have a story that you tell about yourself, which you identify as the truth for you.  This story could be about the way you feel about your body, for example “I have a fat stomach, or “I have flabby arms.”  Alternatively, it could be a story about your health, “I am always sick,” or “I have a low immunity,” or about your upbringing, family issues and the big one “Oh woe is me, my life is so hard and I have to struggle for everything.”  We all have a story about one thing or another of which we have now assimilated as part of our personality.  So much so, that if we were to change the story, you may feel as if you are losing part of your identity.

You will notice that I have used the word “story” with which to describe this condition because in truth that is exactly what it is. “Ahh,” you cry, “It isn’t a story, it is true, because I am fat and I do struggle with life because my reality tells me so!”  Well I cannot argue with that, your reality does tell you so, why, because you actually created it and this creation begins (and also ends) with the story that you first told yourself.  Your purpose on this planet is to create, you are in fact an AWESOME creative being and your creative process starts with the thoughts that you think about yourself which eventually turn into beliefs. When you tell yourself something enough times, you will actually start to believe it and this, in turn creates your reality.  Therefore, would it not be more beneficial to you and your reality if you were to delete your old story and replace it with a new one.  Now first let me state, this is NOT a magical process whereby you wake up one morning  stand in front of the mirror with your eyes closed and say I am no longer fat I am thin, then when you open your eyes you have this amazing body staring back at you. (If only :-) ) No, this recreating your story is primarily a deep acceptance of who you are right here and right now.  It is about accepting every single part of you, even the parts that you dislike and still learning to love yourself in spite of the story that you have told.

Your body has tantrums by making you ill or by not complying with your will when you do not give it the love and respect that it deserves.  You are first and foremost a spiritual being living a physical experience.  This means the spirit originates first and is housed in a physical body second, which you learn to honour so that your spiritual self can reside in comfort.  To take the tentative steps to change your story, find something that you say about yourself that is negative and you have said it repeatedly out of habit. As an example, I used to complain repeatedly about my double stomachs, yes, there were two of them, one that kept my boobs up and another that sat on my lap!!!!!! I initially struggled to say this, but I learned to say out loud whilst standing in the mirror “I love my stomachs (notice the plural here)” and I had to keep saying it, over and over and over again until I actually grew to love them.  As I grew to love my stomachs for the first time since having my children, they have, I am very proud to say, disappeared!  I have not dieted and I have not fasted, I have just learned to love every single part of me that I first disliked.

 So this weekend, find a story that you would like to change and take the first steps to liberation by using love and the expression of such to orchestrate this change. 
In the words of Marianne Williamson, “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.  Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.”

So go on and be powerful,  change your story and use words that give you life!


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