Friday, 14 June 2013

The Word of the Week - Love and Kindness

Today I would like you all to open your hearts to loving thoughts and kindness for the weekend.  Each and every one of you have a unique gift with which the world is waiting to receive, and in order to tap into this gift you need to learn to listen to that wonderful guidance system within that always encourages and loves you.  You know the ego will fool you into believing the worst about yourself.  It will highlight every flaw, make you feel less than you are and stifle your creativity with fears that are just stories that you have created in your head.  In fact, it keeps you from being your true self.  One who is ALL-powerful, unlimited, loving and kind.

On my journey, I have learned that I am not the flawed person that I thought I once was.  I have learned that I am loved and am lovable.  I have learned to be patient with my growth and development, trusting that all the experiences that I create can be changed with a shift of my thoughts.  I have learned to forgive myself when I make a mistake and in doing so I learn to forgive others and try not to hold any judgements. More importantly, I have learned to quiet my mind and sit in the stillness of my being that helps me to connect to the divine voice within.

To allow love and kindness to operate in you, you first have to be loving and kind to yourself.  Now, through my own experience I know that I would say I love myself, but I would act in unloving ways, thus there would be incongruence between my thought and action. I had to learn to say I love ME and mean it, by doing loving things for myself.  For example, I may run a warm bath with salts, essential oils and candles; give myself a facial then moisturise my skin with wonderful oils.  Now in the act of doing this, I would take my time to anoint my skin.  I would think loving thoughts about different areas of my body and really try to connect with it.  Our bodies are amazing works of scientific phenomena.  Dr Deepak Chopra states that the elements that make up a star in the sky is the same elements that are contained within the body, in fact 93% of the mass in our body IS stardust. Therefore, you are officially a star!!!!!   When you respect and honour your body, with the thoughts you think, the food you eat and the exercise you give it, the body responds by giving you a very healthy vessel with which to operate.  Your body remains amazing because when we do abuse it horrendously it still shows up for us!!!

Loving yourself means feeding your soul, feeding the Spirit first within which in turn reflects its light in the body that houses it.

So this weekend, honour your true self.  Stop the harsh thought that you have been accustomed to say about yourself and do something wonderful by learning to tap into the silence of your mind so you can hear what your body is trying to tell you.

Love and light to you all


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      Love and light

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