Thursday, 30 May 2013

Word of the Week - Taking the pressure Off

One of the greatest gifts that I bestowed upon myself as I journeyed to become an active co-creator in my life was the ability to relieve the enormous amount of pressure I would inflict upon my mind.  In the past, my thoughts would jump from one seeming problem to another, creating a feeling of anxiety at what I thought were issues that were beyond my control to solve.  As much as I would mull a thought process in my mind, for example “how am I going to find the money to put petrol in my car when I only have £5.00 in the bank?” I would always end up back where I started, feeling hopeless and helpless about the situation.  The more I struggled to find a solution the less one materialised and so the cycle of pain and worry would hold me in its grip perpetuating those lower energy feelings.

Nowadays, I refuse to entertain such feelings because I actually expect miracles in my life!  Through tireless work and effort, I have totally revamped my thought processes from one of lack to one of abundance.  I now recognise the innate infinite power that I hold in my heart and mind with which to create my reality according to my desires.  So what is it that I do?  Well, there are many tools I use to "get me out of my head," but I will share with you my frequent go to in my tool kit and that is I get out of my OWN way.  Now this may seem like a “stick your head in the sand” scenario but trust me it is not.  I literally hand all of my so-called problems to my inner guide by just affirming the following:

“Inner Guide, I hand this problem to you for healing and clarity. Thank you”

Once I say these words, I refuse to entertain the machinations of my mind to bring the problem back to me because I realise and have finally recognised that my current thought processes will always keep me chasing my tail, the result of which leave me stressed and worrying incessantly.  I have learned that there IS another way, I actually have a choice and my PHD I gained in worrying is just not it!
It was a bit frightening to let go of the control I thought I had over my mind but I looked past the veil of my fears and stepped into a realm of new and uncharted territory, which has given me the ability to have more joy in my life instantaneously.
Ask yourself these questions:
  • ·         Am I happy with how I am choosing to live my life?
  • ·         Are the desires for the life I want being reflected in my surroundings?
  • ·         What is the worse that could happen if I made another choice?

I urge you to open yourself up to your TRUE self that is trying to get your attention, for it knows far more than you realise and it ALWAYS has your best interest at heart.


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