Friday, 10 May 2013

The Word of the Week - Discerning the Voices

There are two voices within each of us, that of the ego and that of our Soul.  These voices communicate with us through our conscious and subconscious thoughts.  To some degree, we are in conflict with these two points of view.  One voice is quiet and loving; it does not try to gain your attention or shout to make itself heard.  It speaks in simple language and it never attacks.  The other voice is aggressive and defensive.  It never speaks kindly about you or anyone else and it is very loud.  It almost feels like it is the more dominant of the two.  This voice can give you a feeling of hopelessness because as much as you desire to hear the quiet voice, your habits dictate that you most certainly engage with the voice of the ego.  To be clear, the voice of the ego keeps you separated from the voice of the Soul and from your fellow man.  It creates the dialogue that leads to the feelings of anger, despair, desperation, resentment, guilt and more importantly, it keeps you in a place of fear ALL the time.

I have mentioned the following quote "if you don't go within, you will go without," this means you have to learn to discern the voices.  Furthermore, you have a choice as to which voice you will listen.  As with all habits, persistence is the key in breaking them, however, and this is a key point here, only YOU can decide whether you have had enough of listening to the ego.  Only YOU can get so frustrated with what is not working in your life that you literally stamp your feet and shout “enough!”  Only when you reach the zenith of dissatisfaction regarding your perception of the world will you then be able to open up and begin to hear with more clarity the voice of your soul.

The ego (which in Latin means “I”) is the part of your psyche that experiences the outside world and reacts to it.  In order to heal the voice of the ego, you have to be willing and open to see the world through the perception of your soul.  Nothing outside of you will bring you happiness ad infinitum.  True happiness comes from within but it can only be experienced if you are willing to give up your attachment to the ego’s voice and its insane view of the world.

You have a wonderful internal teacher who waits for you to open your heart to his/her guidance.  Do something amazing, affirm, “I am willing to see this differently,” when the voice of the ego has you in its grip, this statement alone has to power to enable you to welcome everyday miracles into your life.

Have an amazing weekend.

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