Friday, 3 May 2013

The Word of the Week - Forgiveness (Part 2)

 Last week I spoke about forgiveness and wish to continue my dialogue as I believe it is a subject matter that catapult’s you from emotions such as guilt, despair, hopelessness, anxiety, sadness, fear, loneliness, anger  and resentment.

The only way to obtain peace in your heart and your mind is to practice forgiveness ALL the time.  However, one of the first areas that you need to look at as you begin this application, is in regards to your history!  Your life as you know it,  is a culmination of your upbringing, your schooling, your family, your work, your belief systems and your thoughts about your historical life which you use to determine who you are now.  Those thoughts are actually your projection into the future; in that what you have not forgiven, released and let go will follow you always, thus impeding your ability to be the CREATIVE being that you were destined to be.  Forgiveness is freedom, it frees your mind from the self-imposed shackles of which YOU  have the key to unlock.  Do you not desire freedom to be your true authentic self,  one who co-creates with the Universe and is the author as well as the architect of what you experience in your life? 
Whatever is in your life right now, YOU have attracted. Now this concept at first, does not seem to be an easy pill to swallow because your first statement could be “I did not attract this violent relationship into my life, or I did not attract these sort of circumstances into my life. No, no, no,” you cry,  “I reject that!” Trust me on this for now, as I will reveal the deeper meanings to this statement in my future writings, however in your subconscious mind; the part of the mind that upholds a belief system that your conscious mind may not even be aware of, holds your true thoughts about everything in your life and it is at the root of the problem one must go in order to illicit any change that becomes permanent.

So how do you forgive your past?  Now this part takes courage, for you have to be able to look at what has happened in your life, however painful the experience has been and offer forgiveness to those who were involved including yourself. 
The following affirmation helps you to open the block that you have created  that causes you to experience life as other than peaceful and loving. From the book A Course in Miracles one of the lessons states:
“Forgiveness offers me everything I want”

This affirmation coupled with the ones I mentioned last week, shifts your perception and your entire view of the world.  The power of affirmations allows you to make statements in the present tense so it can bring forth your inner guide and silence the voice of the ego, because let’s face it, how well has your ego served you.  Look at your life, if it is lacking in anyway then you know that your ego brought you there!

I leave you with one more quote with which to muse upon that I read in Conversations with God series.  It is by far my most used reminder to keep me in a state of peace and joy at least 80% of my day:-

“If I don’t go within, then I go without”

Have an internally blessed weekend.

Nameste (simply means that I bow to the divine in you) J

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