Friday, 26 April 2013

The Word of the Week - Forgiveness (Part 1)

I found a beautiful quote to serve as a wonderful reminder that helps you to practically balance, as well as to unify the mind, body and spirit as one.  There are many tools to use that help to bring you closer to mastering consistently the elements of peace, joy and serenity; the most important of which, is learning the art of forgiveness.

“There is no love without forgiveness and there is no forgiveness without love”
By Byrant H McGill 

I would like you to really think about the above quote, say it over in your mind.  Notice any feelings and thoughts that come into you as a result of reciting these words.  Is there someone in YOUR life that you need to forgive?  Do you realise that holding onto any type of resentment whatsoever, be it big or small, damages not only your mind,(your thoughts) but also manifests itself physically in your body by way of health?

Forgiveness unlocks the power innate in you to love unconditionally.  That IS your purpose, that is what you were born to experience!  We all hold some form of resentment against one another for any number of transgressions that we have felt directed towards us.  It could be the shop assistant who served you rudely or the driver that cut you up, a colleague at work, or it could be members of your family as well as those who are the most closest to you such as your partner.

You cannot truly say that you love, without learning to forgive and this tool releases you from allowing resentment and acrimony to build in your life.  In my own personal experience, I thought I had forgiven people whom I thought had hurt me the most, but I realised I had not.  My feelings would make me extremely aware that the person was still very much connected to me without having to communicate with them physically, because the mere thought of them would give rise to a negative feeling!

I learned that every night I had to go through a list of people whom I had encountered that day and forgive them.  I also included forgiving myself for any unloving thoughts I may have had or any angry responses that I had during the day. 

With constant use (and this tool cannot be overused) I would affirm:

“I forgive (insert the person’s name) and I release you.  I forgive myself and release it to the Universe.”

This affirmation opens your heart, for as you learn to forgive others and create more love in your life, you in turn attract forgiveness and more love into your life.

That which YOU desire in your life, you must first learn to give.

Have a wonderful weekend. Nameste.

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