Friday, 30 January 2015

The Word of the Week - Space


I create the space in my mind to increase my awareness so that I can be fully present in the now.

During my yoga practice, the instructor always affirms that we are to create space in our joints, as well as space in our thoughts when we are forming a pose; to become present and aware in that moment of now by using our breath as an anchor. When you practice mindfulness, you begin to notice how cluttered your mind is with its continuous chain of thoughts.  Recently I became aware at how jammed my mind became first thing in the morning,  even before I have had a chance to open my eyes!  It was as if all those concerns that I had relegated to the back of my mind, suddenly catapulted to the front of the queue, demanding to be heard.  Had I not learned to cultivate the element of space by being aware of my thoughts, I would not have noticed this pattern that tried to become a habit.

When you grow in terms of your awareness, you begin to practice  how to consciously direct your thoughts to that which you want and release those that you do not.  Basically, my ego mind is not as successful as it once was during my conscious waking hours and I have noticed that the only way that it can sneak in those simmering thoughts, is to bombard my mind with them first thing in the morning. I believe it is the only time that it can slip in without my guard being up.  Now it may seem as if the ego is the ultimate enemy and needs to be vanquished in order for you to lead a happy healthful life, but that’s only because we make the ego seem much bigger than we are and that is the biggest illusion of the mind.  For it can NEVER be bigger than the spirit of your Higher Self.

Being aware of your thinking allows you to observe yourself from another perspective, from a place that is without judgement or emotional attachment.  When you watch your thoughts this way, the mere act of watching without attachment creates a vacuum; that much needed space for you to discern and choose again.  It is learning to take your foot off of the gas, to slow down, to take a breath and just notice what is!

Just for today, take yourself off of auto pilot with your habitual behaviours, your repetitive thinking and become the observer.  Notice your breathing, where you expand and contract in your lungs.  Immerse yourself in the moment of now by heightening your awareness to what you are doing.  If you are typing notice the sensation on the keys, if you are sitting in a chair, feel the seat beneath your bottom.  This awareness  allow you to become mindful, because once you learn to notice, you can then learn to change.


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