Friday, 23 January 2015

The Word of the Week - Defense

I love myself enough to create the space for others to be who they desire to be without judgement.

Sometimes we assume too much about the people around us.  We make judgements, take offense to slights and then build barriers against those very same people; closing off our heart space in response to a habitual defence mechanism of what we perceive as an attack by another.
A Course in miracles says  “I can be hurt by nothing but my thoughts.”

Is it not just a thought you have about a person,  a situation or an experience that determines your reaction to it?  Does it not follow that you can then choose how to perceive that person, situation or experience in a way that does not come from a place of fear, but from a place of love.
When you are in a situation where a person acts defensive, abrupt, curt or short with you.  To some, the first reaction (which is  learned and more often than not habitual) is to take offense and react from the ego perspective.  However, if before you decide upon this course of action, you review your choice of the following, in order to process and gain clarity in your mind before you react:

  • ·         You could see the wounds of the person in front of you that seems to block their light in that moment and thus you could be more understanding that it is only their ego that is reacting and not their authentic self who IS a reflection of you! (This concept right here is the one that stops us separating from the human family, for it is only the ego that sees the hate, the anger and the differences, love only sees love.)
  • ·         You could choose to not perceive their behaviour as an attack because only LOVE is REAL and we are all created from the essence of love, the Source of all creation.  You cannot possibly defend against something that is an illusion, that which is created only by the ego and not your true Source.
  • ·         You could know that in your defencelessness lies your strength.  For when a defence arises in you, it is an opportunity to learn that your thought about this situation or circumstance that you find yourself in needs healing.  So you pause, you take a breath and you learn what your defensive nature is trying to teach you.

In life, always bring the lesson of life back to your SELF.  For it is your own thoughts that create the emotions in you.  With love, patience and kindness, all thoughts of defence are healed in this way.

Just for today, look at what your defensiveness is trying to teach you and accept the healing light of love to replace and correct that thought.


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