Friday, 6 February 2015

The Word of the Week - Need Nothing

“Every need has an ego to feed”
Bob Marley

This morning as I drove into work, with my man Bob Marley blaring through my stereo, the above quote was a line from his song that moved my spirit to be the theme for today. Hot on the heels of this quote I remembered another by Neale Donald Walsch that enabled you to mitigate the ego’s need, “Enjoy everything, need nothing.”  

We all have desires, wishes, hopes and dreams that can become such a distraction we end up forever projecting into the future, missing our present moments altogether.  We do not have to keep feeding our ego with our yet to be realised wants and needs. This is the great diversion that keeps your mind away from the most powerful and creative force of NOW.  Each morning I try  and set an intention for the day, sometimes it could be a day of serenity, or a day of joy or a day of introspection.  However, once I firmly set my intention and ingrain it as a thought in my mind, I am constantly reminded of my intention throughout the day so that I become aware of my ego’s knee jerk reaction to people and situations.  In that moment when the ego wants to arise in me, my intention for the day comes flooding through enabling me to choose another course of action that will reinforce my intention rather than take it away.

If we are constantly feeding the ego’s need, when is there a time to enjoy EVERYTHING! There are moments when the ego needs to have its point of view heard, or it needs to have things done in its own way, or it needs for someone to conform to its own way of thinking and not give another person their own right to think for themselves.  The ego needs to have you worry constantly over a situation that is out of your hands by keeping your mind focused upon a negative.

Just for today be aware of feeding your ego’s need and choose to enjoy your moment of now instead.

“If every need has an ego to feed then I choose to enjoy EVERYTHING and need NOTHING.”


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