Friday, 4 July 2014

The Word of the Week - Releasing the Past

I now release my past and change my story to this present moment which is fresh and brand new.

We all have a past littered with what we define as  “good” or “bad” experiences.  Some may have suffered abuse as a child, domestic violence, trouble with the law, deep emotional trauma, victimisation or some other ordeal that we now create our life story around.  We tell ourselves this traumatic story from the past until it somehow defines us and we incorrectly make it who we are.  This is not to negate any trauma one has suffered in one’s life, but the key to growth is how we view these experiences and what it is that we tell ourselves about the occurrence. 

The story that we tell ourselves from the past detaches your spiritual energy from the present causing it to fragment.  This means that you can never fully enjoy your present moment because your energy is attached to the story you tell yourself of the past.  In order to heal and become whole, you need to pool your energy fully into one moment in time and that can only be and will ever be the moment of now.  When you dwell on the past without letting go of any hurt or pain that it caused you, your attention remains in that area.  To heal, you have to forgive and let it go, irrespective if you or someone else was the cause.

Forgiveness does not mean that you are exonerating anyone’s behaviour, the forgiveness is for you; for your own mental anguish and pain the hurt has caused YOU.  Forgiveness is a HEALING and it takes repeated effort before you can fully heal from the pain of the past.  As part of my own spiritual program I offer forgiveness daily.  Against any transgressions that I have made towards myself or others, any unkind words or thoughts  that I say to myself or about others, I cleanse and heal every single night and affirm to do a little bit better the next day.

Just for today, really listen to the story you tell others and more importantly to yourself and make a note if you are fragmenting your spirit.  You are indeed perfect, whole and complete.  So step into your big self, let go of your past with forgiveness and begin anew.

Have a blessed weekend.


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