Friday, 25 July 2014

The Word of the Week 2014 Be Happy

I take time to notice that nature is a beautiful reflection of ME.

Sometimes you have to stop all the juggling of the balls you have in life, all the issues that demand your attention, all the anxieties and worries that dominate your thoughts and just say “to hell with it all.” (I would have used a more stronger term here which is the title of a book, those of you who know It can fill in the gap (smile)) Today is such a day; give yourself permission to be in this moment and just BE HAPPY. 

The amount of time wasted on worries, concerns and constantly seeing lack in various areas of your life, you end up missing the best part of living.  Those worries will still be there tomorrow, hell they could still be there next week or next year, so what, take a day off today from all your stresses in your life.  Make a conscious choice to choose NOT to be woeful or unhappy. Look for your joy in the little things you observe today.  Hearing a child’s laughter….feeling the sun warm your skin, a smile from a stranger, watching ducks swimming in a pond or just noticing the glorious nature that surrounds you even if it is just one tree or a few blades of grass.  Get out of your head for today and just be.  Nature is fabulously therapeutic when you need to reconnect with life; unfortunately, we fail to notice the beauty that surrounds us every day.

When you observe nature, you are observing an abundant universe.  Each blade of grass that replenishes all year round, each leaf on the tree that goes through its life cycle, to each grain of sand found on each beach around the world, all of this is here to remind us of the plenitude of life.  When you then turn this feeling of appreciation inwards, you recognise in yourself the same beauty and magnificence of nature and for that moment, you remove the enormous pressure that you place upon yourself. 

Just for today, use nature as your anchor to turn your thoughts around and be happy…it is not as difficult as you think.


May you all be blessed with light, love and happiness xxx

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