Friday, 18 July 2014

The Word of the Week - Receiving Validation and Trust

I trust the Divine within me to guide me where I need to go.

The greatest hurdle towards my journey to my Big Self was always an enquiry that began with the question “Can I trust the guidance that comes from within me?”  As I grew more confident in learning to navigate my way through the differing voices in my head, the next question was “I need proof in the guidance that I am being given!”  I failed to realise, until recently, that in order to trust the guidance within, you need to learn to trust it implicitly.  I realised I negated that trust in asking for validation, because I placed conditions and expectations as to how this proof was to be received.  I have since managed to kick off at least one of my trainer wheels in this area because I understand trust builds slowly.

Your inner guidance system shows you in the most imaginative of ways confirmation that you what you have received is correct and it does so without you having to ask.  It is in these situations that you slowly build your wall of trust, brick by brick with the guidance within.  It does not happen overnight but it is a process of developing the art of communicating with your Big Self, just as you would take time to develop a friendship physically, the only difference being is that this particular relationship is done with your inner eye and not the physical ones.  However, this element too can be challenging because you sometimes miss the validation by not paying attention to your present moments. 

Guidance is however repetitive when your Big Self wants your attention.  This could result in a myriad of ways, such as persistent feelings of discomfort in a particular situation or speaking to friends and loved ones who suggest the exact same thing your guidance told you.  It could be by reading parts in books that speak to your predicament precisely or by grabbing your attention by getting you to notice the lyrics more intently to a particular song.  Guidance gets you to notice that which you would ordinarily ignore in the hope that you will join the dots yourself and discover the “Aha” moment.  The key word in learning to trust is to notice what is going on around you by being present ALL the time.  When you put conditions on validations you will end up disappointed or deflated when it does not meet your expectation, thus you move further away from trusting and tend to lean upon your own understanding or rationale in regards to occurrences in your life.

Just for today, try to remember that developing a relationship with your Higher Self tests your awareness of your now moments consistently, this in turn teaches you to remain present so that you can notice the signs that tell you what you heard was indeed right!

Have an observational weekend.


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