Friday, 20 June 2014

The Word of the Week - Say yes to LIFE

                I say yes to the synchronicities of life and KNOW that only good lies before me

When you learn to say yes to whatever experience you have now in life, you allow yourself to receive the blessing of the situation.  All too often we live within the realms of labels; labels that define us, that dictate how we are to feel and react to a situation not realising that we have the power and more importantly the choice as to whether or not we wish to accept this definition.  It is our reaction to every situation that is presented to us that determines how we feel about a thing.

For example, you could be told that you are being made redundant and the most obvious response could be fear and panic at not being able to pay your bills, however you could view it as an opportunity for you to expand and grow into a new role or position in life.  Every experience, no matter what label we choose to give it, brings us a lesson.  We can decide to either grow from it, or make it define us.  Further, we can either struggle and resist life or choose to remain present in every experience by trusting that all will work out for your greater good.

In my journey, the desires I have for my life continually expand and I become frustrated at times at the “lack of speed” with which my desires become form.  I recognise that every day I must learn to increase my trust in that great creative power within me and be able to sit content in my present moment, with gratitude, so I can bring forth the vision that I desire for my life.  This is the most challenging part of my journey because I have to envision my desires, imagine what it is I want to do, be and have; create a concrete image of this purpose in my mind on a consistent basis until it becomes all that I see.

In reality, if you were to look back in your life, the simple things that you asked for, that you desired for yourself, you set about the creative process in achieving that goal.  You may have wanted to buy a house when you were younger and even though you may have not been in a position, with a large enough salary to buy a home….you still made it happen.  How did you do that?  You looked at properties, even though you did not know how you would get the money.  You sought advice; you may have even changed your job to get the desired salary.  The point is that with focused determination you achieved your objective at the time.  We see these achievements not as achievements at all, not as you being part of the creative force, which brought it into fruition but as an insignificant part of your life that just happened.  

Wherever you are in your life YOU created it, you desired it and you brought it forth, whether your situation is viewed as positive or negative.
Now that we understand the creative power that we hold, it is for us to direct that power to only that which we desire and not on those things, we do not.
Whatever you give your attention to you create it!

“Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.”
Lao Tsu

Just for today, say YES to life, for you will accomplish what it is you desire.

Have a contented weekend.


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